Back to School!

Well, it sure has been a minute since I've posted anything. I would like to say that I have just been incredibly busy and just haven't had the time, but that would be a complete lie. I did get my weekend getaway with my dear friend, Renee this weekend. It was nice and got me all recharged for school to start. We got back last night and this morning, I woke up bright and early and went up to school to take a look at my classroom. Now, I have to go bright and early because my school doesn't have air conditioning. When I got there, it was 92 degrees. When I left, it was 96 degrees and I just couldn't take it anymore. However, I got some stuff done! Here is my favorite that I got accomplished:

My classroom has practically no walls. Wall 1: Student closet, door, my closet. Wall 2: Dry erase board, 2 bulletin boards (one is blocked by the computer desk which can only go in that spot. So annoying.). Wall 3: WINDOWS. Seriously. There is no wall. It's all windows that let in the bright sun and make my classroom a thousand degrees. Wall 4: Chalkboard that is not used. 

So, this word wall is covering my chalkboard. My theme for my classroom is the arctic for two reasons: I love penguins and I thought maybe it'd make me think I was in a cold place when I'm sweating... Heh. 

I found this idea to make a word wall garden on pinterest. I'm going to use the same concept, but change the flowers to snowflakes. I'm pretty excited about it! 

From Teaching In The Early Years. Great idea, huh?

Anyway, time for me to look for more great ideas on pinterest! I'm addicted, I tell ya.


Classroom Jobs Linky Party

There's a linky party on classroom jobs over at Oh The Places We'll Go. So, let's share!

I'll be honest... I love the way I have my classroom jobs set up. Changing the jobs is so simple. Here is a picture of my classroom jobs list from last year. This was from the beginning of the year so jobs also got added as we as a class decided that there were jobs that needed to be done that I just simply hadn't thought of! The kids were great at thinking of jobs and got so excited when they thought of a new one.

It makes me sad how blurry this picture is, but unfortunately it is all I have. Each job is on a pocket and on the first day of school, each child puts his/her name on the very top of an index card (vertically) and it is inserted to the job he/she has. That way, the name is peeking out the top of the pocket. Very easy to change out on Fridays for the next week... Just take index card out, insert somewhere else. Easy peezy.

Our Class Jobs:

1. Teacher's Assistant (I think every teacher has this one!): This helpful person takes the attendance folder to the office in the morning and the lunch count to the lunchroom and runs any notes, papers, etc. to any teachers I need throughout the day. Every kid in my class last year wanted this job every week.

2. Calendar Cop: This person's job is to add the date number to our calendar and change the "Yesterday was, Today is, Tomorrow was" poster. He/she also writes the date on the whiteboard.

3. Line leader: He/she leads us to our destination at the front of the line.

4. Chair Stacker: He/she stacks our chairs at the end of the day while packing up to go home.

5. Kindness Recorder: In my classroom, we have a Kindness Journal. Throughout the day (only during independent time), if a students sees another student do something kind, a student can record this in our journal. For example, if Johnny dropped his books and Emily helped him pick them up, Johnny may write in the journal, "Emily helped me pick up my books." So, the Kindness Recorder reads our daily recordings at the end of the day.

6. Librarian: This person takes care of our classroom library and also takes our books to the library on Library Day.

7. Mail Carrier: This person puts papers in the mailboxes.

8. Paper Pass Out: This person passes out papers for a lesson.

9: Paper Collector: This person collects the papers after a lesson (bet you couldn't get that one!).

10. Projector: This person gets to pull down the projector screen (This was a student's idea and also a very popular job).

11. Recess equipment: This person is in charge of collecting all the recess equipment after recess and taking it in/out.

12. Absent Child Committee: If a child is absent, the Absent Child Committee gets to make cards for this child to say the class missed him/her, get well, etc.

13. S.T.A.R. Person: Our school follows Conscious Discipline for our behavior ( and a large chunk of this features breathing exercises. One is called "STAR" which stands for "Smile, Take a breath, And Relax. Our S.T.A.R. Person gets in front of the class to lead the class. 

14. Wish Well Leader: Again with Conscious Discipline, we wish well our friends, family, and pets who may be sick or hurt and our friends that are absent from class. Our Wish Well Leader leads the class in our Wish Well Song which goes...

We wish you well,
We wish you well,
We wish you well throughout the day,
We wish you well.

Sharing about hardships that we may be going through really helps us become more of a family and to be considerate of one another and our feelings. They enjoy this chant and job also.

15. Morning Message: This person greets the class with a message on the whiteboard (usually something like "Good morning, let's have a great day!").

16. Substitute: This person does the jobs of students who are absent.

17. Lights: This person is in charge of turning the lights on/off.

18. Door Holder: This person holds the door when the class enters or exits a room.

19. Caboose: This person is in the back of the line, monitoring the students ahead.

20. Cleaner: This person makes sure our room is spotless before we leave for the day.

The rest of the kids get to be on vacation if they don't have a job. It's nice to relax sometimes of course! :)

Dear Target, I love you.

Oh my, July 9th already? Where has the time gone? Seriously? Summer school ended for me on June 16th and I feel like I had so much I wanted to do and have yet to do it all. My summer has been mainly filled with going to the pool so I'm surprisingly very tan (which hasn't happened in about five years). In fact, today my dear friend, Renee drove up to go to the pool with me. It was a nice, relaxing, girl-talk day. Well-needed.

School starts back up August 16th, but teachers go back officially on the 11th... Which is Back to School Night. I have to go back before that though to set up my darling little classroom which honestly, I am looking forward to. I just wish we had some a/c in my school so the August heat wouldn't be so unbearable.

Anyway, I had been reading on lots of blogs that everyone's Targets are filling up with all the teacher goodies in the dollar section so I had to jet on over to my Target and it was freshly filled. It was like walking into a dream. I love school supplies. I didn't buy much, but here is what I got:

20 new book baskets for the kiddies. I had my eye on these last summer, but they were $2.50 each which I couldn't afford to shell out. Maybe they were slightly bigger and that's why they were more, but none of that matters because this summer, these babies were $1.00 each. This past school year, I used baskets I had found at Dollar Tree and the handles constantly broke and not all my books would fit inside a basket and so the child would put the book underneath the basket. It just wasn't working. So, yay to new book baskets!

New bathroom passes! Hallelujah! Last year, I found some cute wooden ones at a garage sale. Big mistake. Of course, they got soap, water, and who-knows-what-else on them from being in the bathroom. They didn't make it very long. 

And, that's all I got. Surprisingly. Target had a great selection of goodies that they didn't have last year like classroom calendar, new pointers, and a set of "Yesterday was, Today is, Tomorrow is" posters. This stuff, I didn't need though. I will be back though for some stickers and pencils. :)

Happy weekend, everyone!


My Top 10!

Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens is hosting a linky party so I thought, hey why not... So, here's to my first linky party!

1. I am addicted to tv. Actually, just to Netflix Instant Streaming on the Wii. I got it when there were lots of snow days and I have watched countless amounts of tv shows all the way through. I have watched Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy, The Secret Life, Brothers and Sisters, Greek... Currently, I'm addicted to Lost.

2. My favorite food is Mexican food. I can't get enough.

3. My best friend asked me last night to be her Maid of Honor in her wedding. We have known each other since 2nd grade... Which happens to be the grade I teach!

4. I feel so blessed with the job I have. I love my second graders.

5. I bought a brand new car, Toyota Rav 4, in January... And, she has already been in the body shop twice. Sad times.

6. My puppy Jasper is adorable.

7. I wish I could eat chocolate everyday without worrying about it going straight to my thighs. And also, Yogutini.

8. I have a new addiction to pinterest.

9. I am new to the blogging world and still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I hope I figure it out!

10. I love summer. I love being tan.

And, that is my list. Mrs. Owens is also giving away a cute bag so go link up!

Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

Laptop: 1, Alisha: 0

I don't know about you, but technology and I do not get along very well. I'm not a computer whizz, but I do know my way around a computer. I can make things and do what I need to go to get by. For the past few days, I've been working on revamping my book bin labels for my classroom library. However, when I pushed the precious SAVE button, it saved only half and then decided to stop working. Awesome. So, I'm giving up on that for a couple days and when I don't feel mad at my computer or book bin labels, I will go back to them.

Since that was not so successful, I started thinking of something else I could work on. A teacher's work is never done, after all. I started thinking about things I worked on last year and here is one of my favorites:

The picture quality isn't that great... I cut off the "Let's" at the bottom for Pete's sake. One thing I love about my school is that each teacher greets the child at the door. I'm sure a lot of schools do that. We pick our kids up at the playground, bring them in, and greet them. We each have a sign of some sort that shows the choices they can choose from to greet. This was the sign I created last summer before school began. Most my kiddies gave hugs to be greeted, but they were a huggable bunch!

One more thing I really liked...

This was not the finished product. How boring it'd be if it was! I added pictures of myself, family, friends, and of course Jasper around the words. But, this was a sign I made for the door for Back to School Night. I'll make sure to take a picture of it whenever I'm back at school and post what it actually looks like. 

The main things I love about these two things is that I took the time to make them. And, the kids love the letters (which is why I love them too). They are only 7 and 8 and yet, they appreciate the time you take to make nice-looking things for them. 

I'm starting to forget the point of my post, but I am looking forward to making new things for my upcoming class and the classes after that as well. I better make my trip to Wal-Mart soon though! Summer is already half-way over! Oi!


Chocolate Cake Cookies

It's summer and I have been working on things for school like crazy. For now, I've just been browsing blogs, saving some documents to print at a later time (when I actually have access to a computer), revising my Back to School Information Packet, and revising my book tub labels. I've only redone seven of them, but I have way more books than that. Plus, I'm very particular with how the pictures are set on the labels, etc. Picky, picky. I'm pretty excited about what I've found so far though and am even possibly more excited for my second year than I was for my first (gasp!).

Last night, in the midst of it all, I was craving chocolate. I am a deep lover of chocolate and there is no way I could go without it. I honestly don't know how people do. I wasn't craving just any kind of chocolate. I was craving my Chocolate Cake Cookies. These cookies are super easy to make and I can't believe I hadn't made them until last Christmas for my family. I also made them for the last day of school for my coworkers as a "thank you for a great year". I have no idea how I stumbled upon such a great, easy recipe and I have no idea where I did (some random cooking website... Possibly Delish?), but I am glad I did!

What You'll Need:
1 package Devil's Food Cake Mix
2 eggs
1/2 cup butter- softened
1 tablespoon of water
Powdered Sugar
How to:
Preheat oven to 375.
Combine cake mix, eggs, butter, and water in a medium bowl.  Stir until just blended.
Chill the dough for about ten minutes (give or take) in the freezer (I only use the freezer because I'm impatient. You could chill in the fridge for about an hour... That's what I did on Christmas...)
Scoop the dough into walnut-sized balls and roll in powdered sugar
Place about 2 inches apart on cookie sheet
Bake for 9 minutes
Take out, repeat, and enjoy!

For the record, I always sprinkle more powdered sugar on top of the cookies. I like how snowy they look when there's more. Plus, I love powdered sugar. And, I love these cookies. They taste like brownies. Yum!

This picture... I really just wanted to share what my freezer looks like. I had to take some things out so I could chill the dough... Hey, Lean Pockets were on sale at Price Chopper for 99 cents. Can't beat that.

There's more in the door of my freezer too. Hey, don't judge. I love me some sales. 



My First Post Ever. Obviously.

I have no idea why I am starting a blog. I have no theme for my blog (i.e. cooking, baking, teaching, music, etc.), but I love to write and share. After viewing many lovely blogs about teaching and cooking/baking (two things that I deeply enjoy), I caved. These two things are things that I love (especially teaching), but they are not things I would say I am perfect at (although perfect is so boring) and am not sure if I could devote an entire blog to those things. So, my blog's theme is just about life- learning to love the life I have been given. And, thankfully I do.

I feel as though my first post should be about the number one thing on my mind and that would be my car. Sounds silly. My car is my baby. Her name is Ravy. She is a 2011 Rav-4 and I bought her in January. She is my first brand new, never been used car and I love her. However, a horrendous hail storm ran (although, it lasted 30 minutes so perhaps I should say "jogged" extremely slowly) through Platte City on Sunday morning at 1:00. The storm woke me up, making me think that someone was violently banging on my door and windows. I sat straight up, grabbed my mace, and prepared myself mentally for my attacker. Jasper, my precious pup, barked violently at my window. Creeping cautiously into my living room, I realized that my entire apartment was shaking and that the scary noise was actually baseball-sized hail.

Once it was over, I threw on my glasses and a jacket and went outside with the rest of my neighbors to inspect the damage. Every car in the apartment complex had horrible dents and broken windows. I drove my car over to my parents' house to keep inside their barn so that the rain did not get inside through the back window which hail broke completely.

This is how big the hail was. Literally, the size of my palm!

Here's my front windshield which made my car not safe for the road. I guess it could break while I'm driving! Who knew?

Here is one of the larger dents. There were a couple larger, but the photos did not turn out well. Silver cars take crummy pictures.

Fortunately enough, my car is already in the body shop and it's a body shop full of people I barely know, but trust to take care of my baby. She's been in there once already this year (due to my own careless driving) and they took wonderful care of her.

I just have to keep reminding myself that God has a plan for me.
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