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There's a linky party on classroom jobs over at Oh The Places We'll Go. So, let's share!

I'll be honest... I love the way I have my classroom jobs set up. Changing the jobs is so simple. Here is a picture of my classroom jobs list from last year. This was from the beginning of the year so jobs also got added as we as a class decided that there were jobs that needed to be done that I just simply hadn't thought of! The kids were great at thinking of jobs and got so excited when they thought of a new one.

It makes me sad how blurry this picture is, but unfortunately it is all I have. Each job is on a pocket and on the first day of school, each child puts his/her name on the very top of an index card (vertically) and it is inserted to the job he/she has. That way, the name is peeking out the top of the pocket. Very easy to change out on Fridays for the next week... Just take index card out, insert somewhere else. Easy peezy.

Our Class Jobs:

1. Teacher's Assistant (I think every teacher has this one!): This helpful person takes the attendance folder to the office in the morning and the lunch count to the lunchroom and runs any notes, papers, etc. to any teachers I need throughout the day. Every kid in my class last year wanted this job every week.

2. Calendar Cop: This person's job is to add the date number to our calendar and change the "Yesterday was, Today is, Tomorrow was" poster. He/she also writes the date on the whiteboard.

3. Line leader: He/she leads us to our destination at the front of the line.

4. Chair Stacker: He/she stacks our chairs at the end of the day while packing up to go home.

5. Kindness Recorder: In my classroom, we have a Kindness Journal. Throughout the day (only during independent time), if a students sees another student do something kind, a student can record this in our journal. For example, if Johnny dropped his books and Emily helped him pick them up, Johnny may write in the journal, "Emily helped me pick up my books." So, the Kindness Recorder reads our daily recordings at the end of the day.

6. Librarian: This person takes care of our classroom library and also takes our books to the library on Library Day.

7. Mail Carrier: This person puts papers in the mailboxes.

8. Paper Pass Out: This person passes out papers for a lesson.

9: Paper Collector: This person collects the papers after a lesson (bet you couldn't get that one!).

10. Projector: This person gets to pull down the projector screen (This was a student's idea and also a very popular job).

11. Recess equipment: This person is in charge of collecting all the recess equipment after recess and taking it in/out.

12. Absent Child Committee: If a child is absent, the Absent Child Committee gets to make cards for this child to say the class missed him/her, get well, etc.

13. S.T.A.R. Person: Our school follows Conscious Discipline for our behavior ( and a large chunk of this features breathing exercises. One is called "STAR" which stands for "Smile, Take a breath, And Relax. Our S.T.A.R. Person gets in front of the class to lead the class. 

14. Wish Well Leader: Again with Conscious Discipline, we wish well our friends, family, and pets who may be sick or hurt and our friends that are absent from class. Our Wish Well Leader leads the class in our Wish Well Song which goes...

We wish you well,
We wish you well,
We wish you well throughout the day,
We wish you well.

Sharing about hardships that we may be going through really helps us become more of a family and to be considerate of one another and our feelings. They enjoy this chant and job also.

15. Morning Message: This person greets the class with a message on the whiteboard (usually something like "Good morning, let's have a great day!").

16. Substitute: This person does the jobs of students who are absent.

17. Lights: This person is in charge of turning the lights on/off.

18. Door Holder: This person holds the door when the class enters or exits a room.

19. Caboose: This person is in the back of the line, monitoring the students ahead.

20. Cleaner: This person makes sure our room is spotless before we leave for the day.

The rest of the kids get to be on vacation if they don't have a job. It's nice to relax sometimes of course! :)


  1. Totally digging the "Kindness Recorder." I may have to add this to my list of jobs!

    Nice, Lish!

  2. Thanks for joining my linky party! Great ideas!
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go

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