Dear Target, I love you.

Oh my, July 9th already? Where has the time gone? Seriously? Summer school ended for me on June 16th and I feel like I had so much I wanted to do and have yet to do it all. My summer has been mainly filled with going to the pool so I'm surprisingly very tan (which hasn't happened in about five years). In fact, today my dear friend, Renee drove up to go to the pool with me. It was a nice, relaxing, girl-talk day. Well-needed.

School starts back up August 16th, but teachers go back officially on the 11th... Which is Back to School Night. I have to go back before that though to set up my darling little classroom which honestly, I am looking forward to. I just wish we had some a/c in my school so the August heat wouldn't be so unbearable.

Anyway, I had been reading on lots of blogs that everyone's Targets are filling up with all the teacher goodies in the dollar section so I had to jet on over to my Target and it was freshly filled. It was like walking into a dream. I love school supplies. I didn't buy much, but here is what I got:

20 new book baskets for the kiddies. I had my eye on these last summer, but they were $2.50 each which I couldn't afford to shell out. Maybe they were slightly bigger and that's why they were more, but none of that matters because this summer, these babies were $1.00 each. This past school year, I used baskets I had found at Dollar Tree and the handles constantly broke and not all my books would fit inside a basket and so the child would put the book underneath the basket. It just wasn't working. So, yay to new book baskets!

New bathroom passes! Hallelujah! Last year, I found some cute wooden ones at a garage sale. Big mistake. Of course, they got soap, water, and who-knows-what-else on them from being in the bathroom. They didn't make it very long. 

And, that's all I got. Surprisingly. Target had a great selection of goodies that they didn't have last year like classroom calendar, new pointers, and a set of "Yesterday was, Today is, Tomorrow is" posters. This stuff, I didn't need though. I will be back though for some stickers and pencils. :)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. I was thinking about getting those baskets for my kiddos for reading also! But waiting for payday:):)

    Glad you found my blog! It is uncommon to see other "Alisha's" but I have come upon others more recently. Is your name pronounced "Aleesha?"


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