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Okay, so I tried the whole blog thing before. I failed at it miserably. However, I have stalked read many, many wonderful blogs out there and was inspired to give it another shot. So, I am home sick today, watching How I Met Your Mother Season 8 on Netflix, and decided today was the day to give it a go with the blog business again. I love writing. I love creating. I love sharing. So, here's my next try at it. Also, please ignore my poor attempt at making the blog pretty. I've worked on it for a long time and am giving up for the time being until I can work on it some more.

I'm going to share my classroom with you because I am absolutely in love with it. It's a sweets theme and let me tell you, it is such a fun classroom theme! I actually have had two classrooms this year, so the photos I share will be from two different rooms. You see, this is my fourth year teaching. I've been at the same school since I began my career. The beginning of this year was rough. To make a very long story short, our numbers were low in sixth grade and another school in the district (the one I am teaching at now) had high numbers in first grade. Now, here's the super sad part- it was between my best friend and me (who I had also started my teaching career with- we both started in second grade together at our school) in regards to seniority of who needed to move to the other school. And, to make it even worse (yes, worse than the fact that we had to leave our school family and each other), we signed our contracts on the same day. Eeek! Decisions had to be made and therefore, I moved to the other school to fill the first grade slot. Anyway, I am now at a new school, but I kept my classroom theme the same! I love it regardless! And, I love my new school. I have a great first grade team and the staff and parents are great people.

That's my poor attempt at an iPhone panoramic view. You can see how unsteady my hand is where I broke up that table.

Here's a picture I uploaded on Instagram right before school started. That's my front door, classroom library, word wall/reading area, and clip chart. 

Here's my sad day of the year. The day I found out I was moving schools, my awesome school friends packed up my boxes. Honestly, I barely packed anything, which was helpful. This is what I came to on the next day at my new school. I had one day to unpack everything. All the boxes aren't even seen here. Crazy town. Thankfully, I had some awesome people to help me get everything set up in ONE day. 

See, my fun word wall/ reading area just came right on over to my new school. Still adorable.
Here's my leader board. My old school was a Leader in Me school, so each classroom job was in Leader speak. That is also my birthday board. This was before I received my math curriculum (I couldn't take my curriculum from my old school), so that bare bookshelf is actually filled with my math manipulatives.

 My guided reading table is in that back corner. Above that is one of my candy lanterns. I (actually friends of mine who are better at making my creative ideas come to live) made that little candy lantern with cellophane and a chinese lantern. I actually have three of them around my room. They are so cute!

Anyway, that's all I'm able to post at the moment. The rest of my photos are too embarrassing to post from how blurry they are. That's what I get for only taking photos with my phone.  Hope you enjoyed! I'm off to enjoy some more HIMYM.

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