Sunday Night... Already?

What a busy week it has been. With conferences coming up, I feel like we are constantly testing our kiddos. Does anyone else feel that way lately?

This week, we busted out our data binders. I was very pleased that so far, the majority of my class has our first two lists of sight words down pact. They have been working so hard! They are all so ready to know them all so then they can do second grade words! They are always so ready for the next step; I love my little learners and their eagerness to learn.

Here's one my firstie's coloring in how many sight words he read from the third sight word list on the first try. I can't wait to show these at conferences. Their will be some proud parents leaving my room that night.

 Now that we've settled into a routine, some are getting a little restless. So, I busted out an old collection of beanie babies I have. I tried to sell these guys at a garage sale, but I think I sold a total of..8... Out of a... gazillion. I'm not kidding, I was obsessed. Anyway, I used these little guys as basket buddies. If the kids are staying on task, they get to pick a basket buddy for their Daily 5 baskets. My class loves stuffed animals and these little basket buddies worked like a charm!

To see my obsession from when I was younger... Here's my pathetic attempt at trying to sell them at a garage sale this summer. My mom even put her marketing strategies to work and set them up all nice and neat... I just had them thrown in a box. 

Oh my, that's a whole other level of crazy.

Anyway, I finally finished our math journal for our next math unit. My kids love math and I'm excited to start using our math journals finally!


Just click on the picture and it will take you to TPT!

Have a great week!

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