Math Journals

I'll admit it- I like math journals. I'll also admit... There are days where I completely forget we have math journals. So, rather than starting our math time with math journals, we may end our time with math journals. Hey, it happens! Anyway, I have some kiddos who finish their math journal in literarily (The Millers reference, anyone?) literally two minutes, maybe one. Who knows, but they need a challenge. They need those higher numbers, while my other kiddos need the smaller numbers. So, I created this new math journal, with differentiated pages for each prompt.

I won't be rolling out our new math journal until after Thanksgiving break because we will be finishing our previous one before break. Here's the one we are currently working on:

Plus, my store is having a sale! Click the pictures and stop on by my TPT store! Have a great week!

Turkey, Turkeys, Everywhere!

Hi all!

I feel like I'm surrounded by turkeys this week. I am definitely ready for Thanksgiving; it's one of my favorites! Why? Mashed potatoes of course. Oh, and spending time with family of course.

Anyway, each class in our school is having a pumpkin decorating contest for our chili supper Thursday night. Parents attending will vote for their favorite. I like to think of myself as a pretty decently creative person, but I really was at a loss with this pumpkin. I knew I didn't want to paint and other than that, I had no idea!

This morning on my way to school, I finally thought of it. A pumpkin turkey! Fun, easy, and I can easily involve the kids. I quickly cut out little turkey feathers and the kids wrote different things they were thankful for. One of my firsties wrote he was thankful for, "Jeejus." I love first grade spelling.

Here's the finished product:

More turkey fun has been our thankful bucket fillers I posted on Sunday. My class is full of some very thankful kiddos. One little girl said to me today, "I'm much more thankful for people than I am things." And, to be honest, I think the whole class feels that way. No where on those feathers did any of them say they were thankful for video games :)

Here's our set-up for the thankful bucket fillers:

I got that cute little Gobble Gobble bag in the Target Dollar Spot of course. Little did I know that it was only 50 cents when I bought it, rather than a whole dollar :) After they write a thankful bucket filler slip, the kids fold it up, and place it inside the little baggie. At the end of the day, I read them all and we just relax and enjoy hearing how our class is so appreciative and thankful. 

One little one wrote this one for the whole class. Adorable.

I even received a few. This one makes me smile :)

Here's the freebie! Just click and it will take you to my tpt store.

That's it for now. Happy Tuesday!



Sunday RESTday.

Back in the day, I remember people used to call Sunday, "Sunday FUNday." Well, I feel old and my idea of fun is sitting on the couch and resting and relaxing. That's what I've done today while catching up on my shows. It has been wonderful, people.

Oh, where to begin, where to begin?! What a week it was! It flew by so fast, but at the same time was just completely jam-packed! We had some collaboration days- one half day to plan some close reading lessons and another half day to look at how our kids did on their performance events in writing. I have a feeling this week will feel long considering Thanksgiving is just right around the corner!

I don't know about you guys, but I love me some Thanksgiving! Mainly because I have a food addiction. I am very thankful for food, especially Thanksgiving food! Mmm... Mashed potatoes... Mmm.

Wednesday, the mister and I went to see Sporting KC play against the New England Revolution. It was about 35 degrees and boy... Did we freeze?! It also went into overtime and all that fun stuff and so therefore, we didn't get back home until midnight. This little teacher lady was exhausted the next day. Coffee was my best friend. Coffee is always my best friend. Here we are enjoying the game, all bundled up!

Anyway, this week my kids really enjoyed practicing the -ar sound with the fun Pirates Word Work pack I created. Their absolute favorite part? The game of course! I could totally see them really grasping the -ar sound and reading the vowel sound (when they are sounding it out) first before they read the whole word. Anyway, even though they got a little loud (who can blame them? They were having a great time!), they were loving it.

Here's the set-up to keep the game all nice and organized. 
Here's a group playing at my back table during our tutoring time. This poor little one got the Walk The Plank card!
 Notice our game pieces... We are definitely using the witch fingers that we use during guided reading. They tip over sometimes, but hey... They work!
 Recording on the recording sheet.
 The set-up! It was a hit!

They already asked me if they could play the game this upcoming week if we have to stay inside for recess. :)

Here's the pack available in my TPT store.

Here is my newest product that my firsties will be working on this week:

This pack includes math and literacy activities. What they will be most excited about though will be the thankful bucket fillers. Whenever they feel thankful for someone in our class, they can fill out a thankful bucket filler and place it in our bucket filler bucket. I will read them all at the end of the day for the class to hear how thankful we all are for everyone :)

Here it is for free, just for you! Just click the picture and it will take you to my TPT store for a free download. Enjoy!

Have a great rest of your Sunday, everyone!

My Truth Monday

I'm linking up with Sunny Days in Second Grade tonight for My Truth Monday. Tonight's is about becoming a teacher!

That's all for tonight. I had one of my grad classes tonight and I'm just exhausted. It's time to watch How I Met Your Mother from earlier tonight and go to bed!
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