13 In 13! {A Linky Party}

Can you believe that 2013 is nearly over? In a way, I'll admit... I'm a little relieved. My family and I had some unfortunate events happen this year and I think a fresh new year will be a nice change and offer some hope. However, I'm excited to link up for a fun linky party that I have read in the past. I didn't have a blog at the time so now that I do, I'm excited to be able to link up for it!

13. {Favorite Article of Clothing}

Oh my, how can I choose? I need to just say my favorite outfit of the year... That's definitely leggings, a long cardigan, brown riding boots, and an infinity scarf. Nothing makes me feel more comfortable or pretty than that outfit! Plus, it was the perfect Thanksgiving outfit because I was plenty comfy after eating two Thanksgiving meals! I get my leggings at Maurice's. Actually, I get that whole outfit at Maurice's. Actually, I get all my outfits from Maurice's. I have a slight obsession with Maurice's.

12. {Favorite Movie You Watched}

Hands down. Catching Fire. After seeing this movie with my best friend, you bet we looked at Pinterest for all the fun memes and ecards created about the movie. Every night, I received a pin sent to me from my BFF and when I opened it up, they just made me smile. Love that little 'send' button on Pinterest.

Lol haha funny / Hunger Games Humor
hunger games humor... haha. love peeta. :) 

11. {Favorite TV Series}

Ahh! How do I choose? I love tv. I really can't choose one. The one my dear boyfriend and I love to watch together though is The Walking Dead. We love Daryl.

And, my DVR is full of shows that I enjoy watching by myself. My all time favorite {and this will make me sound like a 14 year old girl} is Pretty Little Liars. Ah, the scandal. The sneakery {is that a word? It is now.}. The trickery. The lies. Eek so good.

Pretty Little Liars: Maghin and Jennifer
For real though.
10. {Favorite Restaurant}

Hmm... This is tricky. Boyfriend and I eat out a lot. It's kind of sad. We love to eat Casey's pizza every Sunday. It's our thing. Normally Taco Bell or Chinese sometime during the weekend too. How we don't weigh 600 pounds, I wonder sometimes.

However, I'm one of those crazy hamburger people that is determined to find the best burger in Kansas City. This summer, Boyfriend took me to KC Smoke Burger. Holy Moly people, it is tasty. So far, definitely the best burger.

9. {Favorite New Thing You Tried}

Ah, easy peasey lemon squeezy. BLOGGING and Teachers Pay Teachers. Definitely addicting and definitely all completely new to me! I love it though. I love meeting other teachers through this outlet.

8. {Favorite Gift You Got}

Considering the amount of baking I've been doing yesterday and today, this seems easy to answer. Definitely my Kitchen Aid Mixer that Boyfriend got me for my birthday this year. Love that thing!

7. {Favorite Thing You Pinned}

I'm a pin-aholic. I need an intervention. One of my favorites was this little elf ninja... Because admit it, it's funny. Unfortunately, Jingle did not get this creative this year.

Elf on the shelf : ninja
Another was this picture of bouncy balls wrapped in cellophane. It inspired me to wrap my Chinese lanterns in cellophane to make candy in my classroom for my sweets theme.

Wrapped bouncy balls in cellophane  to look like pieces of candy as decor for a candy themed party
 And last one... Because it's such a stinkin' cute outfit.

Cute teacher outfit

6. {Favorite Blog Post}

Well, I haven't been blogging for too long. I started in September, but am still a newbie and still am trying to get the hang of everything. So, my favorite post was probably Sunday Night... Already?. It was where I posted my very first paid product for TPT. It's the most viewed entry that I have and it just makes me so happy that I actually accomplished my goal of becoming a seller on TPT. I have a lot to learn, but I'm getting there!

5. {Best Accomplishment}

This kind of goes along with the previous, but my biggest accomplishment this year is going from buyer to seller on TPT and actually making sells. It warms my heart that teachers actually purchase the things I have created for my own classroom and that they leave such wonderful feedback. Here's my very first product {my baby}:

4. {Favorite Picture}

My boys. It's actually my background on my phone and it just cracks me up every time. My little Jasper is just such a happy puppy.

3. {Favorite Memory}

There are so many! However, one was throwing a surprise birthday party for Boyfriend at a Royals game in June. It was so windy that I actually didn't take any pictures, but having all our friends there and having them meet one another was a great and enjoyable time.

2. {Goal for 2014}

Hmm... To follow through more- whether it be with my workouts, this blog (it really needs a real design), etc. Hey, and graduate with my MASTERS in May! Whoop whoop!

1. {One Little Word}

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

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