Cyber Sale (!!!) & Build A Snowman

It's time to start wishlisting so you can shop 'til you drop tomorrow (and Tuesday)! 

My store, along with many others, will be 28% off after you enter that promo code (CYBER). I know that I have some items on my wishlist that I am very excited to buy tomorrow. 

Also, I just finished a product that I know my firsties will love!

It includes Snowman Bucket Fillers, How to Build a Snowman activity, Nouns and Verbs Sort, Plural Nouns, Write the Room, an OW board game, etc. 

Also, you can grab the Snowman Bucket Fillers for free! This long weekend of shopping has me in a giving spirit (mainly because it made me a tad broke!)! :)

Hope everyone has a smooth week back at school!

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