Jingle the Elf- Week 2 With Our Little Elfy Friend

Well, it's official. My firsties and I are beyond ready for our winter break.

Ready, I tell you! READY. I have been so busy and worn out that I have not devoted as much as I would like to my blog or my TPT store. Then, when I'm not so busy, I'm just tired! Like, curl-up-on-the-couch-fall-asleep-by-8:30-tired.

Every morning, they search for our little elfy friend, Jingle. They love him, I tell you. They really, truly love him. 

On Monday, Jingle decided to get into our word work area and stamp some fun names. Then, he realized the stamps didn't work and decided to write them in his favorite colors, red and green of course.

Jingle took over our You Rock board because let's face it, he rocks. The kids loved this. One said, "He makes really good smiley faces!" :)  
Here, Jingle made up his own days for our Morning Meeting Board. So, the class insisted that we read the days as Jingle wanted us to. That's totally academic, right?

Jingle got into the barrel of monkeys. This was after a day where I thought I may lose my voice or my hair. Those little ones have been so chatty this week so Jingle's note said, "Behave! No monkey business!" They got a kick out of that one. Jingle does a good job with a play on words. 

And, then Jingle came in like a wrecking ball on our piece of candy. 'Nuff said on that one.

I wonder what shenanigans Jingle will get into this week!

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