Can you tell from my title that I just love being on break? I love teaching, I really do. But, I think that even people that love their job love their days off as well. We go back on Friday for professional development. Le sigh. That seems so soon, right? My firsties will be back Monday. 

I wish I could say I've been super productive, but I haven't. I've shopped a lot. I've sat on the couch a lot. 

I bought this little hanger thingy-ma-jig at Hobby Lobby Saturday while shopping with my mom. I've seen all over pinterest that you can make them, but really... Come on. I love to be crafty, don't get me wrong, but I also love when cute things are already made for me. FYI I love love necklaces if you can't tell. 

I've also spent some time with these two guys. Well, kind of. I bought the mister an XBOX One for Christmas so let's be real, I haven't seen much of him. 

Does anyone else have a dog that opens his gifts? I wrap Jasper's treats and he opens them. I mean, i only use one piece of tape so he can easily do it, but he totally uses his little paws and teeth to tear the wrapping paper off. While growing up, our dog did that too. I thought it was normal until I was told that it really isn't...
 So happy with his little squeaky toy.
And, I have been somewhat productive. I finished and uploaded a new product. It's my biggest product yet and I'm pretty pumped about it. You can click on the picture to take you to my store :)


This pack meets the skills of unknown partners with addition and subtraction, one more/ one less, and true/false addition and subtraction equations. When we left for break, we were working on the unknown partners and my goodness, that is a tricky one! I know we will need lots of review when we come back from break :)

Hope you all are enjoying your break!

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