The Last Week with Jingle + A New Year's Giveaway Bash!

Well, friends... I made it! Made it all the way to our winter break and I could not be happier. We have been under a freezing rain advisory and winter storm advisory basically all weekend, so I used that to my advantage to relax at home. It's been wonderful. I haven't worn real pants since Friday. I love yoga pants so so so much

Anyway, last week was Jingle's last week. He sure was busy. Here's his week in pictures:

Monday, my friends came into the classroom to see Jingle had rummaged through our board games and found the very popular game, Headbanz. He was playing with the Happy Feet penguin and Skippy Jon Jones. 

 On Tuesday, Jingle played a prank on the kids and moved all their clips down to red. And, my oh my, they came in flipping out. They flipped out more when they asked if they could move them back to green and I was cranky, mean teacher (hey, it was the last week before break... They definitely had been hyper) and said Jingle must've moved them there for a reason and they needed to behave in order to move them up. Thankfully, all the kids moved up. Some even made it to Bubblicious at the top :)
 Just hangin'.

 Unfortunately, Jingle went back to the North Pole in the afternoon. Just because some made it to Bubblicious doesn't mean that it was a good morning for sure. The kids were sad. They missed Jingle and wrote apology letters for being noisy. So, the next day they were excited to see Jingle dangling from a lamp.
And they found that he added our name to our word wall. 
 And, on the last day he left them a letter.
 And some Elf Kisses :)

Also, there's a great giveaway going on over at Tailor Made Teaching. Nearly 50 teachers participated in the giveaway so I recommend checking it out! My Build A Snowman Literacy Pack mentioned here is included in the first grade pack. Click the picture below to take you to the giveaway!

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