14 in 14! A Great Time To Reflect!

Another year in the books! Crazy how time just seems to fly on by. I'm excited to link up for my 14 things in 2014!


Eek! How to pick just one... There are so many that I spotted this year via Pinterest that totally spoke to me. I love words. Especially good, inspirational words. Here's one of my favorites:

Seriously. Something I'm definitely going to work on this upcoming year.

Scarves. I love scarves.
Hmm... I don't know how to pick. I loved Divergent.

I also love this quote from Divergent:


I also love Tobias Eaton. I mean holymoly.

I love tv. I will always love Friends and Pretty Little Liars. However, a new favorite this year... I fell in love with The Mindy Project this year. Oh my word. I love it.


I mean, seriously. How could you not love Mindy?
Rancho Grande. It's a mexican restaurant that's about 20 minutes away from us. It's delicious.
1. Last year at this time, I was just a tiny little fish swimming in a ginormous ocean on Teachers Pay Teachers. I hadn't upgraded to Premium. I had a simple, free background for my blog that didn't even look good. My products were meh because I didn't really know what I was doing. Now, I'm still just a tiny little fish in that big ocean, but I've met so many people! One of my favorite new things I tried this year was joining a collaborative blog! I'm so excited to be apart of The Primary Pack. I've met some fabulous girls and am thankful to have them as friends!

The Primary Pack 

2. I also became gluten free in May... Which was definitely new, but definitely needed!

For Valentine's Day this year, Paul and I didn't get one another gifts. We adopted Sadie instead. She is beautiful, happy-go-lucky, and full of sweetness and charm. She and Jasper absolutely love one another. Looking at this picture, I really just cannot believe how tiny she used to be.

Oh heavens. I love pinterest. I don't think I can pick just one! But, I loved pinning all the new gluten free recipes that I found.

I really liked these chocolate chip cookies...


It may not have been the most viewed or even very helpful, but it was definitely my favorite to write. I love my furbabies and I loved writing this post about why they love summer break as much as teachers do!

I graduated in May with my Masters degree! Best feeling in the world!

 This was on Thanksgiving. Jasper was in mid yawn. I love it.

I have a few. I seriously cannot pick just one.

Going with Paul to the Royals Wild Card Game... And them winning.

Watching every single game of the World Series.

Bringing Sadie home.

My best friend bringing Kauffman into the world. 

Running the Color Run with my teacher besties.

 To be a good person. I'm not saying I'm a bad person. I'm just saying there's a few things I want to work on to be a better person.

Also, to wash my face every night (I'm a disgusting slacker) and to begin running again.

Okay, that's four words. But, my little word is focus because I so need to learn to focus on the now.

That's it! Thanks for reading! Happy 2015 to you all!

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Winter Retelling

Hi everyone! Eek! Two days left until winter break has arrived! It's been a wild week. In fact... Yesterday, I took an accidental nap around 6:30. Yikes. 

Anyway, I wanted to drop by and talk about a retelling craftivity that we completed this week. I talked about the retelling reindeer in this blog post here. However, now that we have actually completed it, I wanted to share the kids' cutie patootie reindeers!


Get ready for picture overload.


And, I love how this one is just a little bit different. The lower placing of the nose just bumps up that adorable factor. 
Anyway, here's a close up of what is involved with the craftivity. I think it's so important to combine reading and writing together in any way that you can, starting with the younger grades. I want to keep learning fun too and being sneaky, I created this activity for fun and for learning. But shh... The firsties have no clue. 

Anyway, each reindeer is holding a flipbook. We have been learning how to retell a text for about a week and a half. Mostly, it has been in whole group activities. We read a book, discuss it, and chart the retell components. I honestly wasn't completely sure how this activity would go because we hadn't had the opportunity for the students to independently write a retell. 

We read Pete The Cat Saves Christmas. We discussed what happened, the order of events, characters, setting, etc. Never did I ever write on a chart our retell of this book. And... I am completely impressed with how they did. Look at this one for example:





#ProudTeacherMoment #ExcuseMeWhileIGetSappy

Seriously, how amazing is that?

 Notice anything odd about any of these reindeer? Like... How some don't have legs and hooves? Completely forgot to print those off. Yep, they're included in the pack. But... Not on our reindeer. My kids are so sweet though. They told me all humans make mistakes and most kids made their own! 

But, still... #TeacherFail

If you're interested in this activity, click on the picture below! It's perfect with any Christmas or winter book! 


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You Know I'm All About That Elf, 'Bout That Elf

December is here. Elf shenanigans have begun! Believe it or not, I used to be petrified scared of this little tiny guy. Just the look on that face is creepy. Admit it, you think he's creepy looking too. 

I got over manage my fear better now and enough to handle some elf shenanigans in our classroom. I just repeat this mantra every day, "It's for the kids. It's for the kids. You can look that elf in the eye, Alisha." Yep, that's how I survive day to day with the elf. 

Anyway, I thought I'd share some pictures of our fun from the week.

When my kids came in Monday morning, this is where the elfy friend was. However, this is not the first thing my kids saw that was different when they came to school...

This was! There was gold glitter all over their tables! What the what? I tell ya, this elf is messy. My firsties were going crazy over this glitter. I was barely in the door when the kids were screaming, "Ahh!!! Miss Sanders put glitter all over our tables!" and "Miss Sanders, why would you put glitter on our tables?" and "Miss Sanders, I'm so happy. Thanks for the glitter!" However, I broke the news... Even though I didn't want to. I love hearing how awesome I am, but instead I said, "I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't put glitter on your desks. Someone else must have!" They were confused and started hanging up bags and coats. 
 Then, one friend saw The Elf on the Shelf book with all of our Christmas books. She exclaimed, "You guys, Miss Sanders got us The Elf on the Shelf book!" Then I said, "Wow! I had no idea we had that book! I wonder where it came from!" Hmm... Still confused and back they went to putting their bags and coats away.
 Thankfully, the elf was spotted before students were finished completing morning work. I won't lie to you... I was a little worried. I mean, I know I won't be expecting them to become detectives anytime soon.

Finally, we read the book and thought of some names. Here's our extremely fancy anchor chart of names. Don't be jealous of how creative I am at creating anchor charts. That red and green, I tell you...
 Marshmallow won, but Sherman was definitely my favorite. I really wanted to say every day, "Sherman is surely watching you right now, man" and "Sherman sure is the man". No such luck there though. So, instead I call him Marshy.

Another day, he was found teepeeing our tiny little Christmas tree. Do you notice anything odd about Marshmallow? He's missing his hat. He just can't keep it on. He must have a hot head.
 One day was just a super rough day. The talking. The tattling. The talking. The pushing. The talking. The interrupting. The talking. The shouting out. The talking. Did I mention the talking? Oh my word, is it December or what? So, Marshmallow left a note that he was going back to the North Pole. Ever since, one of my girls likes to remind the class of how tiny Marshmallow's ears are and how everyone is hurting his ears. That's right, so shhh.
 Marshmallow also added his name to our word wall.
 Disclaimer: Please don't judge my word wall. Do you know how many T words there are? My word, there's a lot.
And, there you have it! I'll come back next weekend to share some more elf shenanigans! Maybe Marshmallow will be more creative next week :)

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