Procrastination At Its Finest

My mantra.

That is me right now.

Actually it wasn't me this morning. I love having the extra day off. I always manage to wake up early, immediately start laundry, and just start cleaning. I get so much done before noon and I always think to myself, "Wow! I'm awesome!" And, that all really happened today. Then, I sat down to work on my graduate school work. 

Then, it happened. What happened, you ask? My BFF called, my dog begged for attention, Family Feud came on TV, more laundry needed folded, etc. You get the drill. And then I remembered I needed to get our math journal done for this next unit. It's all about place value and I am pumped about this journal. It has some cut/paste options- kind of like the interactive type, but this is a "Print and Go" type journal. Just print and staple and boom, ready. I think my firsties will really enjoy this one. If you like, click on the pictures and it will take you to my TPT store.
So, there's my productivity for the day. Time to get back to that homework!

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