Valentine Journal Writing

I'm so excited that February is almost here! One, I finally get a payday again since December (whoop! whoop!). Two, my birthday is in February. And three, I love celebrating Valentine's Day at school. Plus, it's on a Friday this year, which means our Valentine's Day party will be the very last thing of the week. Sounds good to me! I'll have all weekend to recover!

Anyway, my firsties really love the work on writing area of Daily 5. They also love our daily Quick Writes that we have at the beginning of every writing session. I wouldn't say they are quick like the name says, but this is the one time during the day that they are quietly engaged in their own writing. This is also when I hold conferences with them, which they love as well.

So, I created a Valentine-themed journal. I can't decide which time I'll use it for- Daily 5 or Quick Writes? Either way, I know they'll love it. It has narrative writing, how-to writing, and opinion writing.

It includes 23 days worth of prompts. I know 23 is a weird number, but honestly... My brain got stuck! I could not think of a single other thing for them to write about. Who knows? Maybe something will come to me and I'll update it. It also includes 2 graphic organizers. 

I always fear no one reads this and I just am writing to myself... Any other bloggers feel that way? Anyway, if anyone happens to be reading... If you are one of the first TWO to comment with your email and just one reason why you love/don't love Valentine's Day, you can snag this journal for free!


  1. I have to agree that I am completely celebrating having the Valentine's Day party on a FRIDAY! I have a love-hate relationship with Valentine's Day. Love the candy, hate how decorations & valentines come out right after Christmas. No time to breathe between holidays - ha! :)

    Hope you are having a great week!
    First Time Firstie

  2. My kids drive me crazy on valentine's day!

    I always feel like I am writing my blog to myself as well, but when I look back on all my posts, I usually feel like a pretty good teacher!! :) I love your blog and will definitely follow!!


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