Snow Day #3

Well, my dream came true this week. We had a snow day.

And then another.

And a third today.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love my job. I love teaching. I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life. But, we hadn't had a snow day at all (except for one cold day right after winter break) and I desperately needed to work on some grad school stuff. After all, I graduate in MAY. Yep, May 3rd to be exact. I haven't decided if I actually want to walk across the stage or not. The school is an hour north and I've actually never stepped foot on campus considering there is a center in my school's town that I go to for classes. We do all our classes through an ITV. 

Anyway, we received 11 inches of snow. Craziness.

Here's who I hung out with on Tuesday:

 Dude, where's my car? This picture doesn't really do justice for the crazy high snow drifts. This was yesterday after people had already cleared out cars and such from the parking lot. I didn't even venture outside until I felt it was safe. Okay, I didn't really venture outside until my dog really thought it was necessary.
 Ah, snow.

Anyway, I had some plans this week to post about math review, but I only have a few pictures and they really aren't all that great. So, I decided to postpone that post until next week when we are (hopefully) back in school. 

With all these snow days, I was pretty productive. I created a pack that is devoted to the -ing family. I know that this is one area where my students need to work in order to get them to be reading those level I books that the Common Core requires by the end of first grade. I have so many students that are this close. According to the Fountas & Pinnell book (it's at school and the name escapes me), inflectional endings is a big one for those level I books. I know -ing is not the only one, but I had to start somewhere! 

Here's what I came up with:

There's different word work activities, but what I'm most excited about are the passages. Here's an example:
Ha, Mr. Bing- yes, I'm a FRIENDS addict. And, I love Chandler. Anyway, I plan to either laminate these passages or put them in a page protector and use them in guided reading. The students will highlight/circle/underline/whatever the -ing words after reading with a dry erase marker. We will practice writing them on dry erase boards, writing what the base word was, etc. I think that annotating and finding them in the text is what will really help my little readers. We do this in close reading with a longer text, but I think being able to dig into a short passage at guided reading and practicing writing them will help them when they come upon these words on their own. 

It's a start at least! Time for me to start printing and cutting and such!

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  1. Love that you feel the same about the snow days!! I cannot handle being stuck in my house for this long! Luckily, we are back to school tomorrow. UNluckily, my sleep schedule is complete jacked up. Ugh! I even snuck into school today to do some work (shh!). I also have been a printing and cutting fool after printing off all of my things I bought off TPT.

    Have a great weekend!
    First Time Firstie


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