Punctuation, Types of Sentences, A Sale, and A GIVEAWAY!

It always feels so good to get something accomplished. I'm so tired this weekend that I didn't think productivity would happen at all. I wanted to just be at one with my couch. 

However, I did get this little thing checked off that to do list:

I'm pretty pumped up about this product. My firsties still struggle with punctuation in their writing and sometimes are still confused on when to use the question mark and exclamation point. But, something else in our standards that we haven't hit yet is the types of sentences. The CCSS is L.1.1.J: Produce and expand simple and compound declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences in response to prompts. Within our own curriculum, it also states students must be able to define and identify those types of sentences. When I first read that, I thought yikes. Now though, after making this little pack, I feel much more at ease. My kids are going to love it. There's plenty of punctuation practice in there, but also some practice with the sentences. 

We used the Scoot activity this past week. My little friends loved it. One said, "Scoot is my favorite game in the whole wide world!" Another said, "I wish I had Scoot at home so I could play at home." From the mouths of babes, you gotta love it!

Anyway, I'll blog this week about how this pack is used in my classroom. Right now, if you jump over to my Facebook by clicking here, you can enter to win it. Or, you can click here and buy it! It's on sale 20%, but it's also on sale for another 20% off because my ENTIRE STORE is on SALE for 20% off until tomorrow! That is a lot of bargain shopping if you ask me! 

Hope you all have a super week! Two weeks 'til my SPRING BREAK.

Introducing Sensory Language {RL.1.4}

This week we started learning all about sensory words within poetry and stories. What I'm sharing with you today is just how we've begun, but trust me, we are not nearly finished with this standard. We will continue through the week and possibly next week as well. So far, my students are just so engaged. They absolutely love it. Probably because I've mainly introduced it with food. And let's face it, everyone is engaged when it comes to food.

To begin, we went over this anchor chart:

{Excuse the glare! Stinkin' iPhone.}

For the record, while going over these words... When I said fishy, my entire class goes, "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW." Yep. I feel their pain. Fish smells nasty. The word alone just sounds icky.

Anyway, after this, I made up a sensory poem. There's no picture of this because honestly, it wasn't a pretty poster and I was kind of embarrassed about it, but here's the poem:

It looks small and messy.
It smells warm.
It feels hard and gooey.
It sounds crunchy.
It tastes chocolatey.

They then took turns guessing what it could be.
s'mores! Nomnom.

There was another poem too which went like this:

It looks messy.
It smells warm.
It feels gooey and hard.
It sounds crackily and crunchy. 
It tastes cheesy and spicy.

The kids loved guessing what these two sensory poems were talking about. We had a full on discussion on how we knew what the poem was about and how we knew what it couldn't be. They really were wanting to make their own sensory poems, so that's what we did today. Not in the lesson plan originally, but I can't say no when kids are so excited and engaged! 

Here are some of their poems:

It looks big and messy.
It smells sweet.
It feels cold and gooey.
It sounds quiet.
It tastes sweet and chocolatey.
Chocolate Ice Cream

It looks burnt.
It smells icy.
It feels hard and soft too.
It sounds weird.
It tastes sour and salty.
French Fries.

I know what you're thinking. I thought the same thing. I said, "Your french fries are sour?" and she said, "Yep, sometimes!"

These are just a few of the pack, but there were some that wrote about spaghetti, cheeseburgers, chocolate cupcakes, spaghettios, etc. We had the whole buffet :)
For the rest of the week, we plan on reading more poems and picking out the sensory words to help visualize the poem in our mind. Next week, we will do the same thing, but with stories! 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  

Five For Friday

Hi everyone! How was your week? We had parent/teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. I actually had to miss Thursday at school because I was sick, but I went to school later to meet with my parents for conferences. The last thing I wanted was to reschedule 12 conferences! 

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five For Friday post. 

Let's get this party started.
Last weekend, DB and I went to the home opener of the Sporting KC game. Now, I'll tell you, I was not a huge soccer fan before. In all honesty, sometimes I still don't understand the rules. However, Sporting KC games are probably my absolute favorite to go to. The atmosphere is amazing.


I finished up my pirate unit. This took me a long time. I really learned a lot about pirates from working on this. My school always celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day in September, but this could be used whenever in the school year. It includes writing prompts, vocabulary cards, student reader, map skills, etc. Fun stuff! I can't wait to use it with my class next week. I know they will just love it.

On Tuesday, I posted about how I began incorporating Class Dojo. You can read that post here. My kids absolutely love Class Dojo and really really really love their little monsters assigned to them. We were about to start Daily 5 and I told them that in the Work On Writing area, they should make up stories about their Class Dojo monsters. They loved idea. Here are some of them. They just crack me up.

Adorbs, right?

Like I said, I was sick on Thursday. I got to spend my morning snuggling with my adorable pups. I love my fur babies. Here they are all passed out after playing with one another all morning.

 Aren't they just the cutest things ever?
And, here's what got me pumped for conferences. I mean, who wouldn't love to end this post with a nice little picture of Ryan Gosling?
Hey Teacher!


Behavior Management Fun & Pirates!

Hey all! Happy Tuesday! 

After reading through all my bloggy friends' blogs, I've noticed that many of them use Class Dojo. Ever since returning to school from our winter break and with all these wacky snow days, I just feel that my class has been a little more talkative, disruptive than normal. Ya feel me? Anyway, I already use the clip chart system. My class automatically knows that whenever they receive a compliment from me, they are allowed to move their clip up. And people, I am apparently very good- I mean very good- at giving compliments.

Here's what you can typically hear from me:

"Oh, soandso, I just love how you are showing me that you are ready to learn!"

"Blahpersonblah, you are sitting so quietly, thank you!"

"I absolutely love how suchandsuch is standing in line."

And that's all in a 2 minute time period.

Okay, not really. But, I love giving compliments. Not just to my kids, but to everyone. However, I give so many compliments, that sometimes all my kids could be at the top of the chart! And, trust me, they are a wonderful group, but that doesn't mean they should be at the top everyday!

Enter Class Dojo.

For those of you that have not heard of this wonderful tool, Class Dojo is a classroom behavior management tool on your computer. The homepage has a quote directly from a teacher that reads, "Class Dojo makes it easy to keep my students alert and on-task." And this teacher is very right. You set up your class and they are assigned an adorable little monster creature. My kids love their little creatures next to their name!

What I love about it is that once you click on a student's name, you are able to give them positive or negative feedback. There are already types of this feedback listed for you, but you can also add your own. For example, some of my students have difficulty with not interrupting me while I'm speaking and teaching. So, therefore, one of the negative feedbacks is "Interrupting the speaking". Positive feedback that my students receive a lot of is "on task" behavior. I really had no idea how often I spot them on task, but it's quite often! And, they are definitely rewarded and recognized for that each time.

It's so easy that my kids can do it all. I have it pulled up on my computer and I can sit across the room at my guided reading table and can give a compliment and boom, the student is at my computer logging in the behavior.

Anyway, to tie this into my clip chart, the kids can move their clip up one color with every two positive points. However, the same goes for negative. For every two negative points, the student moves their clip down once.

Here's what our clip chart looked like at the end of the day today. No one made it to the Bubblicious at the top, but that's okay. Some friends made it to purple which means they received four or five positive points. 
 Here's a view of my clip chart so you can see the whole thing. My classroom theme is a sweets theme.
Here are what the colors say (just in case you can't read them):
Pink: Bubblicious
Purple: Getting A Sweet Tooth
Blue: What A Treat!
Green: Ready for a Sweet Day!
Yellow: Losing the Flavor
Orange: Bitter
Red: Sour (Parent Contact)
 Also, when a student reaches Bubblicious ten times, he/she gets to put cupcake washi tape on the clip and also pick a prize from our prize box! This is an idea I got from an Instagram friend. Unfortunately, I can't remember which amazing teacher I stole found the idea from, but it's a great one! My kids love washi tape as much as I do!
 And the sweet treat they get when they reach Bubblicious? Bubblegum, of course!
Anyway, that's my behavior management at the moment. It changes frequently to match my students' needs as well as my own. I've done mystery leaders, desk treats, etc. Mystery Leaders have also been a favorite of mine. It's something I always start the year with.

Behavior management is something that completely interests me. I took a class on it this past summer as an elective and it was probably my favorite class! Anyway, how do you handle behavior management in your classroom?

Lastly, I uploaded this bad boy last night:
It's 93 pages worth of pirate fun! I hosted a giveaway for it on Facebook last night, which is why it's so important you follow me on Facebook :) It's $8, but discounted half off at $4 for tonight only! I'll be posting about how I use it in my classroom next week! Click on the pictures to take you to TPT.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone! It'll be a late night for me tomorrow night and Thursday- conferences!

Five For Friday!

I know, I'm late to the party. The word late is not technically in my vocabulary, but it seems to be lately. Late and absent are the perfect terms for lately. I'll explain in just a few minutes. 

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her weekly linky party.

Let's get started, shall we?

The first one is pretty exciting, but will also explain my words late and absent

Remember that adorable little puppy that I've mentioned in a few posts? Well, we got her last Friday! We've had such a wonderful time with her! She is spunky, feisty, and full of energy. Plus, she is so stinkin' cute. However, those of you that have had puppies know how their sleep schedule is. We wake up about every two hours to take care of her because she starts whining in her kennel. Dear Boyfriend and I take turns getting up... Or really it's just whoever is first to hear her. It seems to be pretty even. I don't have kids, but I feel like I have a newborn baby right now! So, anyway, I haven't gotten used to a schedule, so I feel like everything has been put on hold. TPT products, the blog, even my facebook account for this little blog. It makes me sad, but I will get my routine back!

Here are some photos because... Who doesn't like adorable puppy photos? Meet Sadie!

 Our other dog, Jasper, who has been the man of the house for five years, even loves her. They play and play and play. 

Snuggles with the mister.

The second reason I've been so absent and late is that my masters is coming to an end. PTL, people! However, this week has been super busy in regards to that. My portfolio was due by the end of the week so that my advisor could submit it in to the committee. I also am still in a class, so I have that class work to do. Plus, I had an action research project that had been consuming my life. Biggest paper and biggest project I've ever done. But, it is completely done. I submitted it and got this awesome email from my professor.
Big. Sigh. Of. Relief. 

This girl is beyond happy.

I attempted to share this on Facebook, but kind of failed. We've been working on our shared research projects in first grade. We researched polar bears! We started with a note-taking strategy, Four Square Notes, that we charted together. The kids also wrote their own on construction paper. Let's be honest, it was kind of a hot mess, so there's no pictures of that :) 

Then, we charted the main idea of each part for our writing and created the plan sheet. 

Now, the students are writing in their booklets. We have talked a lot about adding details until I was blue in the face, so they are responsible for adding the details. We shall see! 

I'm no expert. This shared research business is actually all new to me, so... Who knows...

Anyone else use the Frayer Model? I'm a big fan. I used it a lot more last year when I taught second grade, but I've started using them in my small groups. This group did one on lonely yesterday, which came from our guided reading group book, Cooped Up

 For those of you unfamiliar with the Frayer Model, I'll quickly explain!

Box 1: Kid friendly definition
Box 2: Sentence from the book using the word (I think this is really supposed to be characteristics of the word, but since my kids are pulling the word from the book, I like them to use the sentence so they can remember how they learned it in context).
Box 3: Examples of the word
Box 4: Non-examples of the word
We are headed to the Sporting KC home opener tonight. I AM SO EXCITED. This was actually my birthday gift from Dear Boyfriend and it's finally here! Soccer season is upon us, my friends. If you follow me on Instagram, then expect a little picture :)

For those of you on spring break and need something when you get back to school, make sure to check out my spring break pack! It's on sale too for only $1.50!

Have a lovely weekend! I have grade cards to do! Eek!!

Five For Friday!

http://doodlebugsteaching.blogspot.com/2014/03/five-for-friday-linky-party-march-7th.htmlIt's Friday, people! You know what that means! Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Friday linky party.

We had my little birthday celebration with my family this last weekend. We had tacos and cheesecake. Best two things ever. My family apparently knows how crazy for scarves I am because that is basically all they got me. Scarves and gift cards! Gift cards for more scarves! My family knows me well. I actually got four scarves so when my grandma said, "Try on your scarves!" I tried them all on at once. I guess you could say I follow directions. 

 My grandma got me that fancy scarf with the owl charm. So cute!

Also, my dog tried to open my birthday gifts... He loves opening presents!

That's real, people. You should see him on Christmas with his own gifts all wrapped up. Doggy heaven!
We've been working on comparing numbers in math. I always love when my firsties say they've been working on their math at home. I especially love when they bring me little things they made at home. This one really took the cake.

 Seriously, why didn't I think of this? Coins and a broken straw and tape. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. 

 Like I mentioned in my post from Wednesday, I had two moles removed. To reward myself for enduring that pain, I treated myself to Dunkin Donuts. Best iced coffee ever. The bigger the cup, the better! That's what I say!

 I've been extremely productive lately. It feels absolutely great. I've basically finished my action research paper and I've been working myself away on my pirate unit.

So, I need suggestions for pirate books! Please tell me some! Help me, help me!

Lastly, I've finished and uploaded a pack perfect for getting back from spring break. I offered it as a freebie Wednesday night through Facebook and Instagram. Speaking of, if you want to follow me on Facebook, you should click here! I promise I will try to not disappoint you! 

Here's the spring break pack:

 First two people to comment with their email can have it for free! 

We're on our way to get our puppy! Finally, yay! Happy weekend, everyone!
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