Behavior Management Fun & Pirates!

Hey all! Happy Tuesday! 

After reading through all my bloggy friends' blogs, I've noticed that many of them use Class Dojo. Ever since returning to school from our winter break and with all these wacky snow days, I just feel that my class has been a little more talkative, disruptive than normal. Ya feel me? Anyway, I already use the clip chart system. My class automatically knows that whenever they receive a compliment from me, they are allowed to move their clip up. And people, I am apparently very good- I mean very good- at giving compliments.

Here's what you can typically hear from me:

"Oh, soandso, I just love how you are showing me that you are ready to learn!"

"Blahpersonblah, you are sitting so quietly, thank you!"

"I absolutely love how suchandsuch is standing in line."

And that's all in a 2 minute time period.

Okay, not really. But, I love giving compliments. Not just to my kids, but to everyone. However, I give so many compliments, that sometimes all my kids could be at the top of the chart! And, trust me, they are a wonderful group, but that doesn't mean they should be at the top everyday!

Enter Class Dojo.

For those of you that have not heard of this wonderful tool, Class Dojo is a classroom behavior management tool on your computer. The homepage has a quote directly from a teacher that reads, "Class Dojo makes it easy to keep my students alert and on-task." And this teacher is very right. You set up your class and they are assigned an adorable little monster creature. My kids love their little creatures next to their name!

What I love about it is that once you click on a student's name, you are able to give them positive or negative feedback. There are already types of this feedback listed for you, but you can also add your own. For example, some of my students have difficulty with not interrupting me while I'm speaking and teaching. So, therefore, one of the negative feedbacks is "Interrupting the speaking". Positive feedback that my students receive a lot of is "on task" behavior. I really had no idea how often I spot them on task, but it's quite often! And, they are definitely rewarded and recognized for that each time.

It's so easy that my kids can do it all. I have it pulled up on my computer and I can sit across the room at my guided reading table and can give a compliment and boom, the student is at my computer logging in the behavior.

Anyway, to tie this into my clip chart, the kids can move their clip up one color with every two positive points. However, the same goes for negative. For every two negative points, the student moves their clip down once.

Here's what our clip chart looked like at the end of the day today. No one made it to the Bubblicious at the top, but that's okay. Some friends made it to purple which means they received four or five positive points. 
 Here's a view of my clip chart so you can see the whole thing. My classroom theme is a sweets theme.
Here are what the colors say (just in case you can't read them):
Pink: Bubblicious
Purple: Getting A Sweet Tooth
Blue: What A Treat!
Green: Ready for a Sweet Day!
Yellow: Losing the Flavor
Orange: Bitter
Red: Sour (Parent Contact)
 Also, when a student reaches Bubblicious ten times, he/she gets to put cupcake washi tape on the clip and also pick a prize from our prize box! This is an idea I got from an Instagram friend. Unfortunately, I can't remember which amazing teacher I stole found the idea from, but it's a great one! My kids love washi tape as much as I do!
 And the sweet treat they get when they reach Bubblicious? Bubblegum, of course!
Anyway, that's my behavior management at the moment. It changes frequently to match my students' needs as well as my own. I've done mystery leaders, desk treats, etc. Mystery Leaders have also been a favorite of mine. It's something I always start the year with.

Behavior management is something that completely interests me. I took a class on it this past summer as an elective and it was probably my favorite class! Anyway, how do you handle behavior management in your classroom?

Lastly, I uploaded this bad boy last night:
It's 93 pages worth of pirate fun! I hosted a giveaway for it on Facebook last night, which is why it's so important you follow me on Facebook :) It's $8, but discounted half off at $4 for tonight only! I'll be posting about how I use it in my classroom next week! Click on the pictures to take you to TPT.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone! It'll be a late night for me tomorrow night and Thursday- conferences!


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