Five For Friday!'s Friday, people! You know what that means! Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Friday linky party.

We had my little birthday celebration with my family this last weekend. We had tacos and cheesecake. Best two things ever. My family apparently knows how crazy for scarves I am because that is basically all they got me. Scarves and gift cards! Gift cards for more scarves! My family knows me well. I actually got four scarves so when my grandma said, "Try on your scarves!" I tried them all on at once. I guess you could say I follow directions. 

 My grandma got me that fancy scarf with the owl charm. So cute!

Also, my dog tried to open my birthday gifts... He loves opening presents!

That's real, people. You should see him on Christmas with his own gifts all wrapped up. Doggy heaven!
We've been working on comparing numbers in math. I always love when my firsties say they've been working on their math at home. I especially love when they bring me little things they made at home. This one really took the cake.

 Seriously, why didn't I think of this? Coins and a broken straw and tape. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. 

 Like I mentioned in my post from Wednesday, I had two moles removed. To reward myself for enduring that pain, I treated myself to Dunkin Donuts. Best iced coffee ever. The bigger the cup, the better! That's what I say!

 I've been extremely productive lately. It feels absolutely great. I've basically finished my action research paper and I've been working myself away on my pirate unit.

So, I need suggestions for pirate books! Please tell me some! Help me, help me!

Lastly, I've finished and uploaded a pack perfect for getting back from spring break. I offered it as a freebie Wednesday night through Facebook and Instagram. Speaking of, if you want to follow me on Facebook, you should click here! I promise I will try to not disappoint you! 

Here's the spring break pack:
 First two people to comment with their email can have it for free! 

We're on our way to get our puppy! Finally, yay! Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I already have your packet, so don't count me Love your scarf collection. I have one too...except I buy them to put on my head...hehehe ;)

    1. Hehe, that made me giggle! I love it! I would love to see your scarf collection :)

  2. Love your springy scarves!

  3. After our snow storm this morning... your spring colors are looking beautiful!!!


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