Five For Friday!

I know, I'm late to the party. The word late is not technically in my vocabulary, but it seems to be lately. Late and absent are the perfect terms for lately. I'll explain in just a few minutes. 

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Let's get started, shall we?

The first one is pretty exciting, but will also explain my words late and absent

Remember that adorable little puppy that I've mentioned in a few posts? Well, we got her last Friday! We've had such a wonderful time with her! She is spunky, feisty, and full of energy. Plus, she is so stinkin' cute. However, those of you that have had puppies know how their sleep schedule is. We wake up about every two hours to take care of her because she starts whining in her kennel. Dear Boyfriend and I take turns getting up... Or really it's just whoever is first to hear her. It seems to be pretty even. I don't have kids, but I feel like I have a newborn baby right now! So, anyway, I haven't gotten used to a schedule, so I feel like everything has been put on hold. TPT products, the blog, even my facebook account for this little blog. It makes me sad, but I will get my routine back!

Here are some photos because... Who doesn't like adorable puppy photos? Meet Sadie!

 Our other dog, Jasper, who has been the man of the house for five years, even loves her. They play and play and play. 

Snuggles with the mister.

The second reason I've been so absent and late is that my masters is coming to an end. PTL, people! However, this week has been super busy in regards to that. My portfolio was due by the end of the week so that my advisor could submit it in to the committee. I also am still in a class, so I have that class work to do. Plus, I had an action research project that had been consuming my life. Biggest paper and biggest project I've ever done. But, it is completely done. I submitted it and got this awesome email from my professor.
Big. Sigh. Of. Relief. 

This girl is beyond happy.

I attempted to share this on Facebook, but kind of failed. We've been working on our shared research projects in first grade. We researched polar bears! We started with a note-taking strategy, Four Square Notes, that we charted together. The kids also wrote their own on construction paper. Let's be honest, it was kind of a hot mess, so there's no pictures of that :) 

Then, we charted the main idea of each part for our writing and created the plan sheet. 

Now, the students are writing in their booklets. We have talked a lot about adding details until I was blue in the face, so they are responsible for adding the details. We shall see! 

I'm no expert. This shared research business is actually all new to me, so... Who knows...

Anyone else use the Frayer Model? I'm a big fan. I used it a lot more last year when I taught second grade, but I've started using them in my small groups. This group did one on lonely yesterday, which came from our guided reading group book, Cooped Up

 For those of you unfamiliar with the Frayer Model, I'll quickly explain!

Box 1: Kid friendly definition
Box 2: Sentence from the book using the word (I think this is really supposed to be characteristics of the word, but since my kids are pulling the word from the book, I like them to use the sentence so they can remember how they learned it in context).
Box 3: Examples of the word
Box 4: Non-examples of the word
We are headed to the Sporting KC home opener tonight. I AM SO EXCITED. This was actually my birthday gift from Dear Boyfriend and it's finally here! Soccer season is upon us, my friends. If you follow me on Instagram, then expect a little picture :)

For those of you on spring break and need something when you get back to school, make sure to check out my spring break pack! It's on sale too for only $1.50!
Have a lovely weekend! I have grade cards to do! Eek!!


  1. the puppy is sooooo cute!! But I can't imagine having to walk a dog...isn't that so

  2. Alisha, seriously obsessed with that little puppy. She looks like a brown version of Skippyjon Jones with those ears!!

    CONGRATS on the action research paper..what was your Masters in? I am getting ready to start mine this summer in Reading.

    Hope you are having a great week!!

    First Time Firstie


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