Five For Friday

Hi everyone! How was your week? We had parent/teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. I actually had to miss Thursday at school because I was sick, but I went to school later to meet with my parents for conferences. The last thing I wanted was to reschedule 12 conferences! 

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Let's get this party started.
Last weekend, DB and I went to the home opener of the Sporting KC game. Now, I'll tell you, I was not a huge soccer fan before. In all honesty, sometimes I still don't understand the rules. However, Sporting KC games are probably my absolute favorite to go to. The atmosphere is amazing.
I finished up my pirate unit. This took me a long time. I really learned a lot about pirates from working on this. My school always celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day in September, but this could be used whenever in the school year. It includes writing prompts, vocabulary cards, student reader, map skills, etc. Fun stuff! I can't wait to use it with my class next week. I know they will just love it.

On Tuesday, I posted about how I began incorporating Class Dojo. You can read that post here. My kids absolutely love Class Dojo and really really really love their little monsters assigned to them. We were about to start Daily 5 and I told them that in the Work On Writing area, they should make up stories about their Class Dojo monsters. They loved idea. Here are some of them. They just crack me up.

Adorbs, right?

Like I said, I was sick on Thursday. I got to spend my morning snuggling with my adorable pups. I love my fur babies. Here they are all passed out after playing with one another all morning.

 Aren't they just the cutest things ever?
And, here's what got me pumped for conferences. I mean, who wouldn't love to end this post with a nice little picture of Ryan Gosling?
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  1. Oh I love the Dojo monster writing! I'm going to do that!

  2. You must be so happy to get 12 conferences out of the way! One day we had a snow day and I had to make up 10 of them-ugh!!! Your pirate unit looks super cute and your dogs are adorable!
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