Introducing Sensory Language {RL.1.4}

This week we started learning all about sensory words within poetry and stories. What I'm sharing with you today is just how we've begun, but trust me, we are not nearly finished with this standard. We will continue through the week and possibly next week as well. So far, my students are just so engaged. They absolutely love it. Probably because I've mainly introduced it with food. And let's face it, everyone is engaged when it comes to food.

To begin, we went over this anchor chart:

{Excuse the glare! Stinkin' iPhone.}

For the record, while going over these words... When I said fishy, my entire class goes, "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW." Yep. I feel their pain. Fish smells nasty. The word alone just sounds icky.

Anyway, after this, I made up a sensory poem. There's no picture of this because honestly, it wasn't a pretty poster and I was kind of embarrassed about it, but here's the poem:

It looks small and messy.
It smells warm.
It feels hard and gooey.
It sounds crunchy.
It tastes chocolatey.

They then took turns guessing what it could be.
s'mores! Nomnom.

There was another poem too which went like this:

It looks messy.
It smells warm.
It feels gooey and hard.
It sounds crackily and crunchy. 
It tastes cheesy and spicy.

The kids loved guessing what these two sensory poems were talking about. We had a full on discussion on how we knew what the poem was about and how we knew what it couldn't be. They really were wanting to make their own sensory poems, so that's what we did today. Not in the lesson plan originally, but I can't say no when kids are so excited and engaged! 

Here are some of their poems:

It looks big and messy.
It smells sweet.
It feels cold and gooey.
It sounds quiet.
It tastes sweet and chocolatey.
Chocolate Ice Cream

It looks burnt.
It smells icy.
It feels hard and soft too.
It sounds weird.
It tastes sour and salty.
French Fries.

I know what you're thinking. I thought the same thing. I said, "Your french fries are sour?" and she said, "Yep, sometimes!"

These are just a few of the pack, but there were some that wrote about spaghetti, cheeseburgers, chocolate cupcakes, spaghettios, etc. We had the whole buffet :)
For the rest of the week, we plan on reading more poems and picking out the sensory words to help visualize the poem in our mind. Next week, we will do the same thing, but with stories! 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  

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