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Happy Hump Day, everyone! I know that the camel commercial is old, but I don't care! I still love it! So, for your viewing pleasure...
hump day almost over cant wait till next wensday when you can here every one in my school go up an down the halls going hump day oh good times!!! 
I actually didn't go to school today. I had to get two moles removed this morning- ick. Anyone who has had that done knows it's not pretty and once the numbing wears off later in the day, it can get painful. And when I'm in pain, I'll tell you, it's not a pretty sight, people. Last time I had this done, I made the mistake of going into school after the procedure and all my little ones hugged me because they're just the sweetest and then you know what? One hugged the area (it was on my back) and myohmyohmy, you'd think the kid punched me. Ouch. I learned my lesson the hard way. 

Anyway, I came here with a purpose and that purpose is to talk about my little readers. I've been testing on DIBELS for the grade card. I've been a little apprehensive about it because by the end of the year, they need to be reading a level I. So, right now they should be on a level H. Now, most of my readers were on grade level at Christmas, which was a level G... But, there's just something about moving up from a level G that gets tricky. Those multi-syllable words, compound words, and especially the endings really get my firsties. 

So, we've been focusing on those endings a lot lately. Here they are coloring the gumballs with different suffixes in our word work area.

 This was actually during our intervention time. We were playing Pop The Bubble from my Popping For Endings pack.

Unfortunately, that's all I have for pictures considering the snow day on Monday and then I was gone today... I know, I'm really helpful in showing you what we are working on. Some kind of blogger I am, right? 

In other news, we have started shared research in writing. 

We started by learning exactly what research is and how we can conduct research. One of my firsties watches Animal Planet a lot and once he realized that watching Animal Planet was a type of research, he was very excited

The next day, we read a text about polar bears. The text actually came from Kristen Smith's What's The Main Idea? pack. We began this anchor chart:

The purple marker is from the first text we read. The black text is from the second text, which was actually a Powerpoint presentation I found from Polar Bears International. Tomorrow, we will view a video and add to our anchor chart. That's just as far as we have made it so far :) I'll be sure to update again on our progress when we get this project done.

Here's to hoping for some normalcy for a little while so I can get some teaching done!

Here are the packs we've been using in class:

This is FREE:

And, this is what I added today! Perfect for coming back from spring break!

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Have a super rest of your week, friends!

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