Punctuation, Types of Sentences, A Sale, and A GIVEAWAY!

It always feels so good to get something accomplished. I'm so tired this weekend that I didn't think productivity would happen at all. I wanted to just be at one with my couch. 

However, I did get this little thing checked off that to do list:

I'm pretty pumped up about this product. My firsties still struggle with punctuation in their writing and sometimes are still confused on when to use the question mark and exclamation point. But, something else in our standards that we haven't hit yet is the types of sentences. The CCSS is L.1.1.J: Produce and expand simple and compound declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences in response to prompts. Within our own curriculum, it also states students must be able to define and identify those types of sentences. When I first read that, I thought yikes. Now though, after making this little pack, I feel much more at ease. My kids are going to love it. There's plenty of punctuation practice in there, but also some practice with the sentences. 

We used the Scoot activity this past week. My little friends loved it. One said, "Scoot is my favorite game in the whole wide world!" Another said, "I wish I had Scoot at home so I could play at home." From the mouths of babes, you gotta love it!

Anyway, I'll blog this week about how this pack is used in my classroom. Right now, if you jump over to my Facebook by clicking here, you can enter to win it. Or, you can click here and buy it! It's on sale 20%, but it's also on sale for another 20% off because my ENTIRE STORE is on SALE for 20% off until tomorrow! That is a lot of bargain shopping if you ask me! 

Hope you all have a super week! Two weeks 'til my SPRING BREAK.


  1. SO HAPPY you are posting about this and making a product for it. Seriously had the same "yikes" feeling when I got to that part of our curriculum. Ha!

    First Time Firstie

    1. Thanks, Shelby! So glad I wasn't the only one with that little lump in my throat when I saw that in the curriculum :)


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