Rainy Day Writing

Today was Field Trip Day! 

First grade was super pumped for our field trip today. However, the forecast was not super pumped about our field trip today. It seems we are pretty much having rain all week. Today, it was rainy and 40 degrees. Not exactly the greatest weather when you'll be outside all day at a farm. So, we had to reschedule our field trip. 

I felt bummed for my firsties. I knew they'd be sad, but they're thankfully so understanding. I just had to tell them, "It'll be better when we go next time because hopefully it'll be bright and sunny and warm! That's much better than going in the icky rain... Right?!?!" They automatically agreed. They were happy we didn't go today. 

Anyway, I didn't really have any plans today because of the field trip and I wanted to make sure we did some fun stuff, so I whipped up an impromptu writing craftivity.

Our prompt: My Perfect Rainy Day

 It's nothing special. Actually, I'm pretty embarrassed of it now that I look at it! Notice I messed up on my flower and a raindrop. Hey, I'm not perfect; I'll admit it. Anyway, that's a paper plate cut in half. Please ignore the dirty ladybug eraser holding it up on our whiteboard as well.

We made this very sloppy anchor chart. I tried to make it cute with the raindrops... We came up with different things we like to do on a rainy day. In the beginning, they kept saying they love to be outside. I told them they are crazy. I said, "Give me my dogs, my blanket, and my tv. Oh and a book." I had to add the book. I'm a teacher. They need to believe I read as much as I say I do...

Anyway, here's the final product:

Don't they look so cute just hangin' around like that? The umbrellas are floating!

 Oh my heavens, please ignore that mess. It's real, people. And, it's bad. Real. Bad.
 No, I'm not typically this messy, but it's almost the end of the year. Give me a break, please. :)

Anyway, if you are interested in making this craft, it's easy-peasey lemon squeezey and my kids really enjoyed it! Also, you can have the writing prompt page for free! Just click the picture to get a copy of the writing page!


I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

My Mailboxes

So, you may remember me posting this picture on a Wordless Wednesday linky party post:

And, you may remember me saying that I would come back the next day to tell you about them.

I didn't.

You may also remember this picture:

I also posted that last photo on Instagram and between that and the blog, I have had many inquiring minds wondering about my mailboxes.

So, here I am to tell you about them.

You see, I wasn't given any mailboxes for my first year of teaching through the district. Many people have cubbies that they use and I was jealous that the room I was taking didn't have any. I pondered and wondered about what on Earth to do for mailboxes for a long time. At first, I just had a file folder crate and filed my students' papers. It was not a quick process. It was actually quite a pain and honestly, I felt like I was filing all the time. Which I basically was. Plus, second graders couldn't exactly keep them looking as neat as I would have liked. 

Enter my amazingly awesome grandparents.

My grandmother is very crafty and my grandfather is very good at constructing and building things. So, I called them and told them what I needed and asked if they had any ideas. I did not expect them to build me some mailboxes, but being the awesome people they are... They did. 

Anyway, many people wanted to know what they were made of. My grandpa works at an envelope company. He used the inside rolls from the bolts of paper used to make the envelopes. I guess they start as huge rolls of flat paper- like toilet paper on a roll- only it's taller than you and heavier paper. Originally, they are 4-5 feet, but he cut what he needed to make these. The rows are bolted together and then I stack them on top of one another. That way I am able to move them easily.

I'm not sure I completely understand how they were made, but that's how. I'm not good with the buildy, constructy stuff. I love them though. They are perfect for my kids and they are unique.


Wordless Wednesday!

It's Wordless Wednesday and I'm happy to be linking up with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice!

Monday was my first day back after spring break. I took this picture and posted it on Instagram with the caption, "The calm before the storm." It was actually a good day!

We now officially have 22 1/2 days of school left. We only have 4 Mondays left! My favorite way to count down the days is by counting Mondays. 

Don't get me wrong. I love teaching. I love love LOVE my class. I love my job. But, hey... I love summer!

So, I want to know... How many days of school do you have left? What is your favorite way to count down?

What Does Our Class Say? {With Fox Template!}

Today has been a lazy day. I was so surprised when I received a notification on Instagram of being tagged in a photo. Meredith from Creativity To The Core posted a testing poster she and her class made for the upper grade students in her school. She posted the picture with a little shout-out to me for the idea. 

I was completely blown away. It felt awesome that someone loved my idea so much that they used it with their kids. I know people do that whenever they download one of my products from my store, but when someone actually posts the completed project... Wow! What a wonderful feeling!

Here's the poster my firsties and I made:

After Meredith posted her version, I felt like I just had to blog about it.

So, here I am... Blogging about it. My class was paired up with fourth grade to cheer them on for the state standardized test. My kids are obsessed with "What Does The Fox Say?" What kid is not obsessed with that song? I have yet to find one. Anyway, this is what we came up with. Of course, we had to jam out to the song a few times while making it as well. 

Anyway, I created a little template for you if you are interested in making a poster like this... Or if you just want to make a fox!



Just click on one of the pictures above to download!

Wordless Wednesday {Spring Break Edition}

Happy Wednesday!

I'm linking up with one of my new favorite linky parties! Click the picture below to take you to the original link-up.

I'm on spring break so I don't really have anything school-related to share. However, I do have a hilarious (in my opinion, at least) picture to share.

Photo: This is what happens when you make bad choices. They look so cute though. 

Yea, that happened.

So, here's my question...

What is a funny story you have about your pet? Or children (if you don't have a pet)? 

Productivity At Its Finest {Thanks, Spring Break!}

Hello, hello!

I'm on spring break!

It's awesome!

Today was my first day to myself. I had a pretty busy weekend and got to spend time with a good friend of mine and also time with my mom. Yesterday, some of my teacher besties and I went to lunch and such. It was all very good for my soul. Today, it was just the pups and me. I didn't go anywhere. I stayed in, watching Breaking Bad, cleaning, and creating. It was exactly what I needed. I feel so well-rested and relaxed. And productive. Ah, thank you spring break.

I ran across some Easter clipart I'm absolutely in love with. I thought to myself, "Ahhh! I need it!" So, I bought it and created. Here is what I came up with:

My firsties love them some sentence scrambles. It helps them a lot with forming sentences, recognizing punctuation, and their handwriting. They won't be able to use it until after Easter, but I know they will love it nonetheless. It's discounted half off the rest of the night :)

I also uploaded a new freebie at my store. It's a sample of a larger unit that I uploaded on Sunday.

First, here is the unit I posted Sunday:

 I know my kids are going to go gaga crazy over the superheroes. How could you not? Look at him! Anyway, it includes whole group activities, Scoot, sorting activities, and much more. 

Here is the freebie sample that you can pick up at my store:


The freebie includes cards in which the students read and determine what type of noun the underlined word is. You can click on the pictures to take you to my store to download it.

That's it for now, friends. Time to get ready to watch The Mindy Project!


{Five For Friday}

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! I am feeling especially happy happy happy tonight because I am  officially on spring break! I feel so refreshed and relaxed at the moment, sitting here on my computer with Breaking Bad on, while also texting with friends to see what they are up to this weekend. I feel like I haven't seen some of them in forever and I miss them.

Anyway, it's time for my favorite linky! 

Let's do this!


Now, if you follow me on Instagram, you might remember seeing this photo:

I spent Sunday night preparing for my defense of my portfolio that was on Monday. I was extremely nervous for this because I really do not like talking in front of people. I know that makes no sense considering I talk in front of people every day, but they are kids! Well, I went in Monday morning to school and left at noon to go do my presentation at 12:45. I passed! Masters, here I come very, very soon. I was so excited that I went and picked up my two favorites: Chick Fil A and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. 

I know what you are thinking. I'm very healthy.

Then, Boyfriend brought me these when he came home to congratulate me:

So pretty! They really make our apartment look like spring! 


 One of my firsties and I matched this week. We actually both had coral tops on too, but I failed to catch that in the photo. We both thought it was so funny, us just bee-boppin' around, dressed like one another. 

We did some super fun Easter activities today since we will be on spring break next week, the week before Easter. We had such a fun day!

We ate jelly beans. The Starburst kind. The best kind.

We wrote a story about if we were the Easter bunny and made an Easter bunny to go with it. Our Easter bunny template actually came from Doodle Bugs Teaching. Just click on that link if you are interested. It's very cute. Plus, my firsties need some practice with tracing so I had them choose the colors for the Easter bunnies and had them trace the template. They turned out super duper cute.


 My babies. Because... Why not?


 We had a staff meeting this morning. Our principal gave us each a green heart (our school color is green) and we wrote the reason why we teach. This is why I teach. It's for the kids! Those smiles. Those happy faces. Those moments when everything comes together and they just get it. Sometimes, it can get really easy to forget that focus of why we do what we do. It's important to reconnect with that reason. 

Happy weekend, everyone!!

Wordless Wednesday: Mailboxes!


I'm linking up with Christina from Sugar And Spice for her Wordless Wednesday. It's pretty much the perfect linky party for me today because I woke up thinking, "Hmm... I really need to blog. It's been a minute." However, I had nothing really to talk about. For once. 

Do you use the mailbox system in your classroom? And if so, what kind of mailboxes do you use?

{I'll blog about mine tomorrow!}

Five For Friday! Whoop Whoop!!

Happy Friday, ya'll!

No, I'm not southern. I always wish I was though so I could actually say ya'll, but I'm just from Kansas City. No fun accent here, friends.

Anyway, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five For Friday linky. My favorite linky because it happens on Fridays and because I enjoy talking about myself.


Let's get started, shall we?

I'm in love with my dogs, you guys. Jasper is 5 and has been my baby boy since I got him. Before Dear Boyfriend entered the picture, I lived alone with just Jasper. He is not big enough to be a real watch dog, but I believe he watched over me. He always knows when I'm sad or sick and will just lay by me. So, getting Sadie, I knew would be interesting. I was worried Jasper would get jealous or have some big brother syndrome or something. 

Far from!

I know, I treat them like they are real human babies. But, they are my babies and I can do what I want :)

They absolutely love each other.

I reached 100 followers on Facebook this past week! I'm so excited that I've reached such a milestone! To do so, I hosted a giveaway. It was a lot of fun! If you want to follow me, just click here. I'd really like it if you did though. :)

We worked on our punctuation skills and sentences this week. I blogged about it earlier this week which you can find by clicking here. It was a huge success. My little learners absolutely loved the sweets theme. After all, that's our classroom theme! Cupcakes, candies, and sweets galore in our room! It could make you a tad hungry if you are addicted to sweets like I am. It could also bring you MANY birthday cupcakes from kids all over the school because they "just have to visit the cupcake room!" That is what they all say at least.

In one week, I'll be on Spring Break.

One week, people.

Do you know what this means?! Awesomeness. It only means awesomeness.

So, I'm getting spring fever like the kids are. I randomly created a countdown yesterday with Easter eggs that I've had sitting in the back of my car for the past year. I'm not exaggerating. I really think these plastic eggs have just been hangin' out in the back of my car for that long. I hate cleaning my car.

Yesterday, I hid it in one of the table buckets crayons.

The little one that found it opened it up and found a note that said he got to choose the clean-up song. He chose, "What Does The Fox Say?" Ding ding ding ding ding ding.

Today, one of my girls found it in her book basket. Whaaaat? Who did that? Me? No, never. Anyway, she got to choose what song to dance to today. She chose "Let It Go". I didn't think it was much of a dance song, but I was wrong. My kids took this to a whole new level. They were dancing and singing their little hearts out. I let the video play on the big screen too, so they were pretty hyped up about it.

Ahh, Elsa... We do love you. Lots.

We started learning time to the hour this week. My firsties rocked it. They absolutely love learning how to tell time and honestly, they made it a breeze to teach!

We played I Spy Time which I got from What The Teacher Wants a long, long time ago.

 If you are teaching time, I suggest you find it on their blog because it's great!

Bundle Of Love Fundraiser

Hi everyone!

I'm here today to let you know about a fundraiser that my sweet friend Amna from Teach Two Reach is putting on. A teacher friend of hers was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Amna created this fundraiser to help with the finances of the cancer treatment. We all know that those hospital bills don't pay themselves and they add up very quickly. 

Isn't Amna the sweetest for putting this together for her friend? 

You can read more about the story at Amna's blog here


Just click on the picture and it will take you to the fundraiser's TPT page. There are six bundles to choose from, which totals to over $300 worth of amazing stuff, but totals to $35. The bundles range from $5-$10. 

Help a teacher and get awesome products in return? Sounds pretty awesome to me!
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