My Mailboxes

So, you may remember me posting this picture on a Wordless Wednesday linky party post:

And, you may remember me saying that I would come back the next day to tell you about them.

I didn't.

You may also remember this picture:

I also posted that last photo on Instagram and between that and the blog, I have had many inquiring minds wondering about my mailboxes.

So, here I am to tell you about them.

You see, I wasn't given any mailboxes for my first year of teaching through the district. Many people have cubbies that they use and I was jealous that the room I was taking didn't have any. I pondered and wondered about what on Earth to do for mailboxes for a long time. At first, I just had a file folder crate and filed my students' papers. It was not a quick process. It was actually quite a pain and honestly, I felt like I was filing all the time. Which I basically was. Plus, second graders couldn't exactly keep them looking as neat as I would have liked. 

Enter my amazingly awesome grandparents.

My grandmother is very crafty and my grandfather is very good at constructing and building things. So, I called them and told them what I needed and asked if they had any ideas. I did not expect them to build me some mailboxes, but being the awesome people they are... They did. 

Anyway, many people wanted to know what they were made of. My grandpa works at an envelope company. He used the inside rolls from the bolts of paper used to make the envelopes. I guess they start as huge rolls of flat paper- like toilet paper on a roll- only it's taller than you and heavier paper. Originally, they are 4-5 feet, but he cut what he needed to make these. The rows are bolted together and then I stack them on top of one another. That way I am able to move them easily.

I'm not sure I completely understand how they were made, but that's how. I'm not good with the buildy, constructy stuff. I love them though. They are perfect for my kids and they are unique.

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