Rainy Day Writing

Today was Field Trip Day! 

First grade was super pumped for our field trip today. However, the forecast was not super pumped about our field trip today. It seems we are pretty much having rain all week. Today, it was rainy and 40 degrees. Not exactly the greatest weather when you'll be outside all day at a farm. So, we had to reschedule our field trip. 

I felt bummed for my firsties. I knew they'd be sad, but they're thankfully so understanding. I just had to tell them, "It'll be better when we go next time because hopefully it'll be bright and sunny and warm! That's much better than going in the icky rain... Right?!?!" They automatically agreed. They were happy we didn't go today. 

Anyway, I didn't really have any plans today because of the field trip and I wanted to make sure we did some fun stuff, so I whipped up an impromptu writing craftivity.

Our prompt: My Perfect Rainy Day

 It's nothing special. Actually, I'm pretty embarrassed of it now that I look at it! Notice I messed up on my flower and a raindrop. Hey, I'm not perfect; I'll admit it. Anyway, that's a paper plate cut in half. Please ignore the dirty ladybug eraser holding it up on our whiteboard as well.

We made this very sloppy anchor chart. I tried to make it cute with the raindrops... We came up with different things we like to do on a rainy day. In the beginning, they kept saying they love to be outside. I told them they are crazy. I said, "Give me my dogs, my blanket, and my tv. Oh and a book." I had to add the book. I'm a teacher. They need to believe I read as much as I say I do...

Anyway, here's the final product:

Don't they look so cute just hangin' around like that? The umbrellas are floating!

 Oh my heavens, please ignore that mess. It's real, people. And, it's bad. Real. Bad.
 No, I'm not typically this messy, but it's almost the end of the year. Give me a break, please. :)

Anyway, if you are interested in making this craft, it's easy-peasey lemon squeezey and my kids really enjoyed it! Also, you can have the writing prompt page for free! Just click the picture to get a copy of the writing page!


I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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