What Does Our Class Say? {With Fox Template!}

Today has been a lazy day. I was so surprised when I received a notification on Instagram of being tagged in a photo. Meredith from Creativity To The Core posted a testing poster she and her class made for the upper grade students in her school. She posted the picture with a little shout-out to me for the idea. 

I was completely blown away. It felt awesome that someone loved my idea so much that they used it with their kids. I know people do that whenever they download one of my products from my store, but when someone actually posts the completed project... Wow! What a wonderful feeling!

Here's the poster my firsties and I made:

After Meredith posted her version, I felt like I just had to blog about it.

So, here I am... Blogging about it. My class was paired up with fourth grade to cheer them on for the state standardized test. My kids are obsessed with "What Does The Fox Say?" What kid is not obsessed with that song? I have yet to find one. Anyway, this is what we came up with. Of course, we had to jam out to the song a few times while making it as well. 

Anyway, I created a little template for you if you are interested in making a poster like this... Or if you just want to make a fox!



Just click on one of the pictures above to download!


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    1. Awww... Thank you, Jennifer! I appreciate that!!

  2. Of course I LOVE this. :) So glad that you decided to blog about it, because that morning I was searching all over your blog and pinterest for a picture of those foxes! lol But then I gave up and decided just to draw it myself. :) Adorable idea! Thanks again!

    Creativity to the Core


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