Wordless Wednesday: SUMMER School Edition

Yes, you read that correctly. 

Summer school has already started. My last day of school was last Friday. There are many school districts surrounding me that aren't out of school until this Friday because they had snow days to make up. You see, this is where my district is smart. We had five snow days built in this year and you know what? We used every single one and not a day over!

How amazing is that?

Next year, we have ten snow days built in. That seems like a crazy amount to me, but hey... Maybe a giant, crazy snow storm will hit Missouri and we will need them all. Who knows?

Anyway, yes... Summer school officially started today. Yesterday was our teacher workday and today was the very first day. This summer, I'm co-teaching with my kindergarten teacher friend in the kindergarten room. These are the kids who just finished kindergarten and are moving to first grade in the fall. So, some of the kids in our summer school class will be kids I will have next school year... Which is pretty exciting to me because I love getting to know my kids.

Also, we have 40 kindergarteners in our class.


I'm tired.

Love them all, but I'm tired.

So, why am I telling you all this? It's because I'm linking up with Miss Decarbo at Sugar and Spice for her fun linky party, Wordless Wednesday.

 I snapped this picture when I left for school this morning. You see, this is super early for me. Summer school begins so much earlier than normal school. It's great because we get out early, but yawn am I tired? yawn yawn yawny yawn yawn! I'm at school by 7:15 and kids are dismissed at 12:15 and then we can leave. So, I still have half my day which is great :)

So, here's my question...

What time do you start school every day? If you teach summer school, are your hours different?

My Summer Bucket List!

My summer officially started on Friday, so I'm very excited to link up with Deanna Jump for what's on my bucket list for the summer. I'm not completely on summer break because I am teaching summer school for the next four weeks. However, each summer school day is finished at 12:30, meaning I should be home by 1:15 at the latest every day. Not too shabby, I say! 

So, here are some of the things that I am hoping to accomplish this summer!

1. Spend as much time as possible with these three:

 Because I love them, that's why!

2. Read! Oh my goodness, people, I am so excited to read a good book that has nothing to do with teaching or grad school. Usually on summer breaks, I read and read and read. Last summer, I took 11 credit hours and as you can guess, I didn't have much free time to do anything else and when I did have free time, the last thing I wanted to do was read a book. I was already reading a ton of books for school! 

So, I have my reading list started with these books:
That's the start of my list. I really enjoy YA books. Does that make me pathetic? Do you have other suggestions? Please let me know!

3. Get myself organized. I have fallen off the organizational horse. It is quietly driving me crazy. By quietly, I mean that the Organizational Fairy inside of my head is screaming at me to get off of the couch right now and to go clean and organize, but I want to relax... So relax I will. I will be pinning organizational tips and tools for myself in our apartment and for our classroom. 

I found this pin and hello, did I need that or what?


If you would like to follow my pinterest boards, you can do so by clicking here. Maybe you will find some organizational tips that you enjoy as well. Or if you have any that you would like to share, please do so!

4. Work on school stuff to get myself ahead of the game. I really enjoy working on things for school, but I know I will enjoy it more during the summer when it is at my leisure. Currently, this is what I'm working on:

5. Run 100 miles. No, not in a row. I can't even run 10 in a row. Or 5. Or 2 without walking. I've really let myself get out of shape. It's bad. I will get myself back to the gym and I will start running again.

6. Watch Netflix. I'm deeply in love with Netflix. I would like to watch Scandal this summer. 

7. Spend time with friends and family. I have some friends that are having babies at the end of the summer, so I want to soak up time with them as much as I can. My BFF since 2nd grade is due in August. I am so excited for her baby shower this summer and for that little bundle of joy to come, but I also want to spend as much time with her before baby comes!

8. Royals games! Sporting KC games! 

9. Take care of myself. I worried a lot this last school year and in turn, I was sick a lot. I really want to focus on taking care of myself this summer and hopefully setting myself up for a good school year... One without being sick all the time.

10. Take a trip! I'm hoping that we go somewhere this summer. We've had a few different groups of people ask us to go on float trips. Because I know how we are, I'm pretty sure we said yes to every group and I don't even know if that's possible. We get excited about life and then realize we have responsibilities about money and our pups. So, we will see! We also wanted to go to St. Louis to hang out with family and hopefully a little trip for the two of us. I really don't know, but I hope we have the opportunity to go somewhere!

I hope all of you have a wonderful, fun-filled summer! I anticipate reading some more summer bucket lists which may inspire me to add to mine! Good luck and best wishes to those of you finishing up your school year!


Five For Friday: Last Week of School Edition!

Hi peeps!

It's been a minute. The end of the year just consumed my life. It exhausted me, as I'm sure it does all of you! So, please excuse my absence. 

Anyway, I'm linking up for Five For Friday.


My "little" brother graduated high school on Saturday. He's really not little. He is so much taller than I am. I am so proud of the young man he has become. 
Here is my sister and I posing with our brother :)
  {Pure love and happiness in this picture}

And, because no get together with my sister would be complete without silly pictures of my sister and I, here we are:

 {sisterly love}

Remember me talking about our summer countdown? Well, Monday's day of the countdown was the candy awards! Exciting stuff in first grade!

 We put down the red carpet and everything. They loved it!

 I made my End of Year gifts for my class and gave them yesterday. I don't normally wait until the last day out of fear that one of my kids won't show up on the last day. 

 I love using that poem for the end of the year.
All ready in the buckets!
We had play day on Wednesday! Who doesn't love the parachute?! It is literally the best part of play day, if you ask me!


Today was our last day of school. I'm super excited! Summer school starts next week, but at least it is summer! I'm actually moving back to my previous school for next school year, so I had to pack everything up! It only took 42 boxes...

I'm sad to leave this school, but very happy to return to my previous school! 

Also, I've been debating an Erin Condren planner. Someone talk me into this decision please. :)


Countdown To Summer!

You guys, we have ten days left of school until summer break. That seems completely crazy to me. I can assure you, my little learners are completely ready. They are very active, talkative, and acting like big second graders. 

I did a fun countdown to Spring Break with Easter eggs and the kids loved it. It made each day leading up to spring break so fun. So, I decided to make a countdown to summer as well. 

Here is what I put up on Friday while the kids were in specials. Now, umm... This picture is bad people. I took it with my iPhone and the lighting in my room is super bright. And, I quickly wrote "Countdown to Summer!" because the kids were literally on their way back from specials. So, please don't judge me... Although I'm totally judging myself. Anyway, the kids were very excited! They kept coming up to me, "Hey, did you know we have ten days left?" and "Oh no! We only have ten days left!" and "You made a countdown!!!!!" Yay!

I put numbers on the front of construction paper and then pasted the countdown poem on the back. That way, when the kids are settled on the carpet for our morning meeting in the morning, the Leader of the Day can take off whatever number we are on and turn it over. That student can then read aloud the poem to the class and the class can figure out what their surprise for the day is. 

I'm pretty thrilled with the little poems I came up with. Sometimes, I just surprise myself!

If you are interested in a 10 day countdown with your students, you can click the picture below to get it for free! 



I also included different grade levels for the Four Days left of school. I also included a different activity for that day just in case you did not have the accessibility to have your students interview the grade they are entering. For the Five Days left, I also included a different option just in case you did not want to have Candy Awards in your classroom. 

I hope that you can use these little poems and that you enjoy your last few weeks left of school!

Five For Friday!

Hello, everyone! Happy Saturday to you! I almost skipped out on this week's Five For Friday fun, but I decided that I love it too much to skip out, even if I am a day late! Ooops!


Let's get started, shall we?


Last weekend was my graduation weekend! What? Yes, seriously. I'm completely done with my masters and my oh my does it feel so good! I can't wait to have the official diploma in my hand. Now, I didn't walk at graduation, but my friends and family helped me celebrate throughout the weekend. Unfortunately, I also was sick. It came and went Saturday. It came hard on Sunday, but I pushed through. Then, it knocked me out Monday and Tuesday and I couldn't get myself to go to school. 

I've been sick a lot this school year. So frustrating. Doesn't my immune system know I have little people to teach?

Anyway, back to my point. I graduated. My friends and family are awesome for their encouragement, kind words, kind gestures, and just the fact that they celebrated this big accomplishment with me. They have no idea how much they mean to me.

Some friends, the DB, and I went to the Royals game Saturday night.

My mom, grandma, and sister took me to lunch on Sunday.

And, they surprised me with my BFF!!!

Best surprise ever. Hands down!

Do you and your kiddos GoNoodle? I bet you do because it's ALL the rage right now. I am in love with it. It has won my heart and my firsties' hearts completely. Anyway, I posted this picture last week and GoNoodle reposted it on Instagram! It made me feel pretty special, I won't lie to you. Also, GoNoodle is now following me on IG too. Talk about celebrity, geez! :)

My kids love the Zumba stuff on GoNoodle. I try my best to keep up. Honestly, I do. And, I stay to the back, but my little friends always turn around and giggle at me. However, my personal favorite is Flow. Ahh, Flow. We like to flow into the day with Flow. It gets us calm. My class likes to "meditate" as you can see from the photo.
This picture is exactly why I love what I do. The innocence, the fun, and the moments that let you reflect. That's what it's all about!

Let's not forget it was Teacher Appreciation Week! Happy happy week to all of you lovely teachers out there! I sure hope you were pampered and full of love by Friday :) Our PTA and principal spoiled us with yummy treats throughout the week. Sadly, I missed Monday and Tuesday which was pretty disappointing considering Monday's treats were donuts. Le sigh. But, I digress. We also got some added bonus treats on Friday. We were feeling the love for sure! One of firsties brought me a package filled with some fun teacher treats! I love them!


Thanks to Fluttering Through First Grade, we had some E-SPA-CIALLY ADORABLE Mother's Day goodies to create for our moms! We loved them! 


For fun, can anyone read what this says? My Word Work group ran over to my guided reading table. Yes, they ran. Yes, it's the end of the school year. Anyway, they were very excited to show me what they spelled. I was thinking they probably spelled my name because at least one group does that nearly every day, but they spelled this. Cracks me up. I think only teachers can probably decode this gem. My boyfriend tried, but could only get the first word. I was proud of him for that!


TPT Loves Teachers! And This Teacher Loves A Good Sale!

I think the title pretty much says it all, right?


The sale starts at midnight! My entire store will be 20% off and then when you enter the code (TPTXO), you get an additional 10% off. It totals to be 28% off. Whoop, whoop! 

Here are some of my top-sellers:





And my newest product added:

Hope everyone enjoys the sale! My cart is ready and I hope yours is too :)

May Currently!

I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her fun May Currently! I love this little linky party!

Listening: I love the iTunes Radio. It's something that I recently discovered and I'm not sure how I managed to live and breathe before. I always had Pandora, but I think I like the iTunes Radio more than Pandora. I've recently started listening to the Top 50 Pop Chart. Sometimes songs that I've never heard pop up and I then question why I like this radio. In all seriousness, a song just came on that started with, "Girl, what do you do with a butt that big?" Um... Come again?

Loving: Graduation is finally here. PTL. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I chose to not walk at this one so I am celebrating with friends at the KC Royals game tonight. It's my first Royals game of the season and I am pumped. I love baseball season! Speaking of graduation, there's a giveaway happening at my Facebook page through tomorrow morning to celebrate.

Thinking: I actually have quite a bit to do, but my body is shut down and doesn't want to do anything. I'm switching back to my old school for next school year and I seriously need to purge and pack my room. I still have three weeks before school is out, but I know it's going to fly by.

Wanting: Summer. Does this even need an explanation?

Needing: I've been battling some sickness for a long time. Sine like January. No joke. It started as a sinus infection. Then, the doctor said it's just allergies. I've never had allergies in my 27 years of life so I don't know what that's like. Finally, I went to my doctor (not a minute clinic like I had been) and she gave me some meds to clear up the fluid in my ears (that's been my huge problem lately- no other symptoms, just that). Well, it didn't work. So, Monday morning I'm going to an ENT. I hope he can figure out what's going on in my ears. Causes some serious vertigo, people. And, I can't be dizzy anymore while I teach. I just can't take it anymore.

Surprise! One of my Instagram besties has a blog now! She's now one of my bloggy besties! I love her to pieces, even though we have never met in real life. Her name is Allison and she is super sweet, supportive, and helpful. She always is offering encouraging and kind words. It's always so great when you can make a connection like that with people who you've never met in real life. That's why I love this blogging journey! You can find her adorable blog by clicking here: 2nd Cup of Campers. I highly suggest it! I know she is going to have some great posts there because she's awesome.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a FAB weekend!


Five For Friday!

 I'm linking up with DoodleBugs Teaching for her Five For Friday linky party. This is a pretty random one so I hope you enjoy!

We have been testing machines in Room 9 this week. Unfortunately, we will more than likely be testing machines for the rest of the year. I've been testing the firsties for reading and math. So, to review time, they have been working with my new time pack. Here's a few pictures of the fun.

 If you are interested, you can find the pack by clicking on the picture below.



I'm part of the Facebok Free-For-All this weekend! I am super duper excited to be part of it. Make sure you head to my Facebook page to check out my freebie along with many other wonderful teachers. 

 This is my door.

Random? Maybe. There's a fun photo challenge on Instagram and the first day was to take a picture of our classroom doors! This is mine. I'm pretty fond of it even if it's kind of falling apart now.

I'm feeling a little fluffy lately. So, I put this on hold at the library and it came yesterday! I totally rocked some yoga pants last night so you would think that I would have done some yoga. No. Big fat fail right there.

 My graduation day is tomorrow.

Big jump! Big smile! Big YAY!
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