Five For Friday: Last Week of School Edition!

Hi peeps!

It's been a minute. The end of the year just consumed my life. It exhausted me, as I'm sure it does all of you! So, please excuse my absence. 

Anyway, I'm linking up for Five For Friday.


My "little" brother graduated high school on Saturday. He's really not little. He is so much taller than I am. I am so proud of the young man he has become. 
Here is my sister and I posing with our brother :)
  {Pure love and happiness in this picture}

And, because no get together with my sister would be complete without silly pictures of my sister and I, here we are:

 {sisterly love}

Remember me talking about our summer countdown? Well, Monday's day of the countdown was the candy awards! Exciting stuff in first grade!

 We put down the red carpet and everything. They loved it!

 I made my End of Year gifts for my class and gave them yesterday. I don't normally wait until the last day out of fear that one of my kids won't show up on the last day. 

 I love using that poem for the end of the year.
All ready in the buckets!
We had play day on Wednesday! Who doesn't love the parachute?! It is literally the best part of play day, if you ask me!


Today was our last day of school. I'm super excited! Summer school starts next week, but at least it is summer! I'm actually moving back to my previous school for next school year, so I had to pack everything up! It only took 42 boxes...

I'm sad to leave this school, but very happy to return to my previous school! 

Also, I've been debating an Erin Condren planner. Someone talk me into this decision please. :)


  1. Hello! I found you on the Five For Friday link-up. I can't believe you are on vacation - wow! The first week is the best - you have your whole vacation in front of you. Up here in Mass, our vacation starts on June 25th - that seems so far away, doesn't it? Enjoy your summer!

  2. What a week! Filled with so many memories made and closing moments! Your awards and gifts are so thoughtful! So you! Your class is the perfect size! (We must think kind of alike because I bought buckets too...) And lastly, I couldn't be more happy for you and your move! You are placed where you need to be at that moment for those who need you!


  3. Great minds think alike! I'm going to buy buckets for my kiddos too. They can put their summer packets in them and goodies from me on the last day :)

    Also YES YES to the Erin Condren planner. I love mine! There's spots to list birthdays, attendance, graph paper (I use that to keep track of my tables and which kids have sat where/with who), long range planning, monthly pages, the lesson plan pages!!!, checklists and stickers. Seriously. It's amazing. And a great company. They'll give you some free things with your order AND coupons. Go for it!! Not to mention there are inspirational teacher quotes throughout the planner. I'm such a sucker for those!!

    First Time Firstie


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