Five For Friday!

Hello, everyone! Happy Saturday to you! I almost skipped out on this week's Five For Friday fun, but I decided that I love it too much to skip out, even if I am a day late! Ooops!

Let's get started, shall we?


Last weekend was my graduation weekend! What? Yes, seriously. I'm completely done with my masters and my oh my does it feel so good! I can't wait to have the official diploma in my hand. Now, I didn't walk at graduation, but my friends and family helped me celebrate throughout the weekend. Unfortunately, I also was sick. It came and went Saturday. It came hard on Sunday, but I pushed through. Then, it knocked me out Monday and Tuesday and I couldn't get myself to go to school. 

I've been sick a lot this school year. So frustrating. Doesn't my immune system know I have little people to teach?

Anyway, back to my point. I graduated. My friends and family are awesome for their encouragement, kind words, kind gestures, and just the fact that they celebrated this big accomplishment with me. They have no idea how much they mean to me.

Some friends, the DB, and I went to the Royals game Saturday night.

My mom, grandma, and sister took me to lunch on Sunday.

And, they surprised me with my BFF!!!

Best surprise ever. Hands down!

Do you and your kiddos GoNoodle? I bet you do because it's ALL the rage right now. I am in love with it. It has won my heart and my firsties' hearts completely. Anyway, I posted this picture last week and GoNoodle reposted it on Instagram! It made me feel pretty special, I won't lie to you. Also, GoNoodle is now following me on IG too. Talk about celebrity, geez! :)

My kids love the Zumba stuff on GoNoodle. I try my best to keep up. Honestly, I do. And, I stay to the back, but my little friends always turn around and giggle at me. However, my personal favorite is Flow. Ahh, Flow. We like to flow into the day with Flow. It gets us calm. My class likes to "meditate" as you can see from the photo.
This picture is exactly why I love what I do. The innocence, the fun, and the moments that let you reflect. That's what it's all about!

Let's not forget it was Teacher Appreciation Week! Happy happy week to all of you lovely teachers out there! I sure hope you were pampered and full of love by Friday :) Our PTA and principal spoiled us with yummy treats throughout the week. Sadly, I missed Monday and Tuesday which was pretty disappointing considering Monday's treats were donuts. Le sigh. But, I digress. We also got some added bonus treats on Friday. We were feeling the love for sure! One of firsties brought me a package filled with some fun teacher treats! I love them!


Thanks to Fluttering Through First Grade, we had some E-SPA-CIALLY ADORABLE Mother's Day goodies to create for our moms! We loved them! 


For fun, can anyone read what this says? My Word Work group ran over to my guided reading table. Yes, they ran. Yes, it's the end of the school year. Anyway, they were very excited to show me what they spelled. I was thinking they probably spelled my name because at least one group does that nearly every day, but they spelled this. Cracks me up. I think only teachers can probably decode this gem. My boyfriend tried, but could only get the first word. I was proud of him for that!

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