Wordless Wednesday: SUMMER School Edition

Yes, you read that correctly. 

Summer school has already started. My last day of school was last Friday. There are many school districts surrounding me that aren't out of school until this Friday because they had snow days to make up. You see, this is where my district is smart. We had five snow days built in this year and you know what? We used every single one and not a day over!

How amazing is that?

Next year, we have ten snow days built in. That seems like a crazy amount to me, but hey... Maybe a giant, crazy snow storm will hit Missouri and we will need them all. Who knows?

Anyway, yes... Summer school officially started today. Yesterday was our teacher workday and today was the very first day. This summer, I'm co-teaching with my kindergarten teacher friend in the kindergarten room. These are the kids who just finished kindergarten and are moving to first grade in the fall. So, some of the kids in our summer school class will be kids I will have next school year... Which is pretty exciting to me because I love getting to know my kids.

Also, we have 40 kindergarteners in our class.


I'm tired.

Love them all, but I'm tired.

So, why am I telling you all this? It's because I'm linking up with Miss Decarbo at Sugar and Spice for her fun linky party, Wordless Wednesday.

 I snapped this picture when I left for school this morning. You see, this is super early for me. Summer school begins so much earlier than normal school. It's great because we get out early, but yawn am I tired? yawn yawn yawny yawn yawn! I'm at school by 7:15 and kids are dismissed at 12:15 and then we can leave. So, I still have half my day which is great :)

So, here's my question...

What time do you start school every day? If you teach summer school, are your hours different?

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  1. We start (PreK and K building) at 8:45 and dismiss at 3:25. Staff works 8:05-3:35. Next year we are going to 9-3:40 for kids and 8:20-3:50 for staff. I like the earlier time!

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