Monday Meet-Up


Thanks to The Teaching Tribune, I get to introduce to you one of my very good bloggy friends. When I started with blogging and TPTing and IGing and all the other social media sites, I was nervous that I would give up because I would be all alone and talking to no one out there. Thankfully, that wasn't true. I became friends with Amna from Teach Two Reach 2nd Grade on IG and from there, it's all history! She is such a kind, sweet, and helpful person and I am so glad she has helped me meet people through here, introduced me to different groups and linky parties, and has shared ideas with me so that I could use them in my classroom.

She is pretty awesomesauce. I like her lots and you will too. Let me introduce her!

 She's pretty awesome, right? Click on the picture above and it will take you to her awesome blog. You can also click here to find her on TPT. I highly encourage you to do so!

Another wonderful friend I have found through this blogging adventure is Allison from 2nd Cup of Campers. You see, I wrote about Amna, Amna wrote about Allison, and Allison wrote about me! How fun is that? I feel so lucky and blessed to have both of these supportive friends in my life! I just hope that one day, I get to meet them both in real life! I imagine we would all get along really well and can only imagine the shenanigans we could get ourselves into!

Make sure to head to The Teaching Tribune for more Summer Bloggin' Fun!


  1. <3 awww loveeeeee and the best part is superwoman hahaha. I wish!!! You are awesomesauce too alisha.


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