Six Months 'Til Christmas Sale!

Where have I been?

I've been pretty absent from the blogging/TPT world lately. Summer officially officially started for me last Thursday. My last day teaching summer school ended at 12:15 that day and I've been loving every minute since. I feel like I haven't had the opportunity to relax and recover from the school year since I was teaching summer school. 

So, I've made up for some lost time this weekend. 

Friday night, I went with my mom to see my sister cheer at her cheer camp about an hour away. My mom and I stopped at Burger King on the way home. We love the good ol' BK. I haven't had BK since I became gluten free a few weeks ago.

Oh yea, I haven't mentioned with you... I'm GF now. It's a new experience, but one that makes me feel like a human again. Anyway, at BK I ordered a Whopper with no bun. It came up on the receipt as Whopper Low Carb. I don't know why, but that's funny. Here's how it was handed to me:

Again, I don't know why this cracked me up so much. It's the little things.

Saturday, my DB and I headed to the KC zoo.

Here, we are up high on those things that take you around the zoo in the sky. I'm not fancy. I don't know what they are called. I've never been up in one. We could see all the animals in Africa from up there. We were just flyin' high over the giraffes, zebra, ostriches, etc. 

Our zoo recently got penguins! I consider this the absolute greatest thing ever. Penguins are my absolute favorite animal of all time. How could you not love a penguin? Anyway, I took a gazillion pictures of them, but I decided to share some penguin bellies with you. 

Who doesn't love a penguin belly?

Today, I went to my best friend's baby shower.

Her mom and sister did the whole thing and they did a beautiful job. The theme was centered around baseball. It was very original and creative. Here's just a snippet to show how cute it was:

So, I've been busy. But the great thing about being busy lately is that I have the energy to actually be busy and I love it. I've been really dragging lately, but I feel like a new woman now that school is over. It's pretty great what a break can do for you. 

I am here to announce a very fun sale that I am participating in. Did you know that Christmas is 6 months away? I'm sure you technically did know if you were looking at a calendar or thinking about Christmas at all. If you're like me, then Christmas is the farthest thing in your mind. 

Well, anyway, there's a fun sale that many teachers are linked up for.

Exciting, right?

My entire TPT Store is 20% on June 24th-25th. You can find other stores on sale at The Learning Highway. While there, you can find a fun giveaway where many teachers have entered their Christmas items for a giveaway. Unfortunately, I don't exactly have any Christmas items in my store... I found this odd considering I absolutely love Christmas, but whatever. Maybe I was busy or something.

Anyway, I hope you can take full advantage of this sale and maybe it will help you even start thinking of next school year. I know I've already been thinking about it because you know, I'm crazy a planner. 


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  1. Haha love your burger pic! It looks delicious even minus gluten :)

    And it's called the skyfari. I only know because 85% of my students were BEGGING to go on it during our field trip to the zoo!

    First Time Firstie


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