Monday Made It! Tuesday Finished It! Finally Posted It!

The title says it all, folks!

When I say this is my Monday Made It, I really mean it. However, I didn't quite get finished. It rained a lot and when it rains, I like to stay inside. I needed stickers, but didn't want to go to Hobby Lobby.

I know. I lead such a rough life that I chose to stay inside while it rained.

Okay, my first project was a clipboard! I use a clipboard in my classroom a lot. It holds my class list, data that I need day to day, etc. So, I wanted a fun one. 

I spray painted each side- the front pink and the back turquoise- to match my classroom. Then, I got busy to work with Mod Podge (my new BFF), scrapbook paper, and stickers.

Here is how I sectioned it off so that the silver part didn't get painted. I just folded up a paper towel to cover it up. If I had painters tape, I would've used that. But... I didn't. Paper towels work just as well if ya ask me!

 Here is the final product:


I love me some inspirational quotes. They inspire me; isn't that crazy? I bought three sheets of them at Hobby Lobby. Clearly I didn't need that many, but... It happened.
Next up was pretty simple. I bought a bubblegum machine at an antique shop last Saturday for only $4. I was so excited because 1. I have been searching for one at a decent price that wasn't a cheap plastic toy one and 2. IT WAS PINK. PERFECT, I TELL YOU! PERFECT! You see, my clipchart is a bubblegum machine and when they get to Bubblicious, my students get bubblegum! Now I have something to make it even more fun! 

So, I added some stickers to make it pop more.

I know I'm not the only teacher who sends a child to the nurse or the bathroom or to take a note to another teacher and then completely forgets where said child is. I know that I'm not because my next project I have seen all over Pinterest with varying teachers. I made a "Where Are You Board?" You would think that I could remember more. I'm only 27. But I digress.

I bought a round cookie sheet from Dollar Tree. Man, I love me some Dollar Tree. I spray painted the cookie sheet. I have a thing for spray paint too. I washi taped sections off. I have a thing for washi tape too. Who doesn't? That's what I want to know! Washi tape allows me to make mistakes because when I mess up for the fiftieth time, it allows me to simply take it off again and replace it. Whoever created washi tape is a pure genius. Anyway, then in stickered! I need to fix the "class" one. It's just driving me nuts that it isn't centered. "Class" also means things like speech, counselor, RTI, etc. I just don't have space for that much! Just need to make the magnets and it will be good to go!

Last thing! I made two digraph packs, but am starting a third one this week!

Here they are:

Just click the pictures to take you to my store! The SH pack is 50% off until tomorrow night!
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  1. Everything came out soooooo cute!! Love it! Did you just use regular old spray paint on your cookie sheet or did you have to use a special kind for metal?

  2. Seriously too cute Alisha! I am smitten with that bubblegum machine - it is too cute with the stickers and will be PERFECT in your classroom! Also, totally feel ya on the forgetting where kids are thing. YIKES.

    First Time Firstie

  3. Our antique store has junk. Sad face. That is really cute! No food rewards allowed here. :( great deal.

  4. I can't believe you got the bubblegum machine for only $4! What a deal!!! I love that idea, so I may have to "borrow." I'll be on the lookout for one now too! I love your clipboard btw and I'm totally that way when it rains. Stayed in all morning yesterday for that reason. Can't wait to see what you do next week for Monday Made It!

    A Teaspoon of Teaching

  5. Good for you for having 4 Made-Its! And love the clipboard! It would make a cute gift for coworkers, too. :)

    Miss Woodward's Class

  6. Love, love, love the clip board! What wonderful words that go straight to the soul! Not to mention, your design! That washi tape!! I think i am totally going to make a where we are magnetic board too! Yours is wonderful! I rely on my memory, but this would be much more productive! I'm not surprise that your products are precious and skill covering! Why don't you teach 2nd!! :)
    2nd Cup of Campers


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