Currently {Heyyyyyy September}

I really like September. There's a lot of great things happening this month. Like today is my mom's birthday. A few days ago was my little sister's birthday so we are having a double birthday party today for the two of them. Some other things we have this month are a little one's royal birthday party... Like I get to wear a tiara. I know, amazing! There's also a bridal party and the plaza art show and really, lots of goodness. Plus, the Royals are playing really well which I have never seen in my 27 years of living so late into the summer!

Exciting stuff!

Anyway, I am so excited to link up with Farley from Oh Boy 3rd Grade. I like this linky a lot, but today is even more special because the host of this month is my friend Megan from A New Box of Crayons. Farley is right... Megan is stinkin' adorable. Check her out! Also, I love the camping theme for this month. Totally reminds me of my sweet friend Allison from 2nd Cup of Campers.
Okay, so here is the breakdown.

Listening: I was awaken this morning by my pup Jasper, who is a major cuddlebug in the morning. I super love it. He came up and laid right in my armpit and rested his head on my shoulder right by my head. I always think about what that must look like to other people... Anyway, we were getting our snuggle on which was great because it's a rainy morning here. Well, Sadie was all like, "Hey, I need to go for a walk" and she whined and whined and whined. So, I got up. Now, the mister and both dogs (although I hear Sadie chewing a bone) are snoozing on the bed. I'm wide awake on the couch watching Identity Thief. Love this movie! So, I'm totally okay with that.

Loving: 'Nuff said.

Thinking: I finally finished my September Math Journal. I am so excited about it!! I can't wait to make all the other ones. All the concepts and ideas are strolling around in my head. The September Journal will be uploaded shortly! Yay!

Wanting: I don't have a pencil sharpener in my class. I want one. The end. And, Michaels and Hobby Lobby are tempting me with their super cute fall decor lately. I just can't take it. Definitely going to let myself buy at least one thing today while I am out shopping...

Needing: No, I haven't birthday shopped for my mom or my sister yet. Yes, the party is in fact today. Thankfully, it's in the afternoon so I'm okay. I have gotten my mom a candle from B&B, but I failed on the birthday shopping. #teacherlife

3 Trips: St. Lucia sounds beautiful. I feel like I am the only one who hasn't been to Vegas, just like Farley said in her Currently! And, I think Sydney is my absolute dream!

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  1. Australia is on MY list as well! I've been to Vegas (not with the blogging world) and, frankly, I don't need to go back--so you're ok on that one! St. Lucia on the other hand...that sounds like HEAVEN! Have a wonderful Labor Day!

  2. I would love to go to Australia (why didn't I list that on my Currently?) I would also love to go to St. Lucia - the water, the breezes, the weather. Wow - that sounds heavenly:)
    Enjoy your last day off!

  3. I love getting the fall decor out for the house. I can't wait for that either. Sydney and all of Australia are amazing places to visit. I hope you enjoy your long weekend!

    Fantastic First Grade Froggies

  4. I found you on the Currently link up. Your blog name caught my eye. Very original and adorable! I noticed one of your destinations is Sydney. That's on my list, too!! Great minds think alike. Glad I stopped by your blog. ;)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  5. You HAVE to go to Vegas. I seriously think about Vegas all the time. I'm kind of addicted to roulette, fancy restaurants, and big hotel bed.s

  6. I've never been to Vegas either! Perhaps next year I'll get to the TPT conference? Or whatever the big hullabaloo is over there! My mamma just celebrated her birthday on the 31st- weird coincidence. I had shopped for her early and then forgot where I had stowed away the gift. #squirrelawaymystuffproblems
    Short and Sassy Teacher


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