Five For Friday!

Happy Friday!

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Seriously, happy Friday is right. Back to school has officially gotten to me. I made the mistake on Wednesday of saying how I haven't had any days where I feel like I'm going to fall asleep throughout the day. 

Then, Thursday came. Holy cow. I think a truck came and hit the energy right out of me! I am ridiculously exhausted! Ain't no tired like teacher tired!

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I taught my firsties all about main character and character traits this week. I had so much fun with this skill and created a unit to help myself teach it. I will upload it tomorrow and blog all about it, but until then... I will show you our Pete the Cats! This actually is available in my TPT store. 

First, we read Pete The Cat Plays Ball. Then, we discussed all of Pete's character traits and discussed why we all love Pete so much. The next day, we made these beauties:

 Ohmywordpeople. Seriously, I am in love. I pass by them in the hallway and just stare at them. They are so adorable. 

You can find this fun craftivity by clicking on the picture:
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Aren't best friends the greatest? I am lucky enough to work with my best friend. We actually began teaching on the same team our first year of teaching and that's how we met. Luckily, we completely hit it off and just have been inseparable the past five years. It's crazy how you can feel like you've been friends your entire life when... you haven't! Anyway, as you might know... I am gluten free. I was sad for my first fall as a gluten free lady because I love all baked goods, but especially PUMPKIN baked goods! Ohmyword. I've pinned a gazillion pumpkin GF recipes, but have yet to make them. 

Well, yesterday... She brought me this:

Holy yumminess. My best friend is better than your best friend.
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We've been working on number bonds this week in math. Well, our curriculum calls them math mountains, but you know what I mean. We created these little goodies today. I just made three circles on a Powerpoint page and gave each student a copy. They colored, cut, and glue and boom here's our little number bonds game. We worked on partners of 8 today. The kids loved it. I am thinking of laminating them so we can do this more, but we shall see!

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My baby girl is sad that I'm back at work everyday. Yesterday morning I sat on the bed to tie my shoes and she ran up and untied them. She's such a stinker, but I love her.

I also got some much needed snuggle time with my baby boy last night. This is what happens when your computer dies and you left your camera cord at school. You actually get snuggles! And then you decide to take some selfies. These have been way overdue.

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Last, but not least... Wednesday is Talk Like A Pirate Day and you know... I'll use any excuse to celebrate something fun! I've been prepping some pirate fun from my All About Pirates unit. Here are some of the things that I've gotten ready, minus things I've also prepped at school and failed to take a picture of. 

Here's a snapshot of one of the activities I am really looking forward to! The student cut out an eyepatch (that's printed on cardstock or construction paper). They wear the eyepatch and try to do these activities with just one eye to see. Then, they will write about and discuss what was the most difficult task for them to do. 

Don't judge me right now. This picture was literally taken tonight at 8:00. This is my crazy Friday night, people. I've been blogging and prepping pirate fun. I am wild, I tell you.

Obviously, some do not even really require your vision to do (like saying the ABCs), but that is all part of the fun! Seriously, I just walked around the room with the eyepatch on and had a difficult time! However, I did take my glasses off and can't see without them so that could also be part of the problem!

Here are some other fun activities that I'm looking forward to!

Some True/False work.

 Some vocabulary match-up.
 How To Talk Like A Pirate poster and ABC order work.
 To check out my All About Pirates pack, click the picture below:

Okay, off to watch some Friends! I put the Season 7 DVD in right when I got home and just have been watching ever since! 

"I can pass for 19, right?" (Friends Fans, you know what episode? Hint: Joey says that.)

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  1. Your best friend sounds like my best friend :) She's the BEST - we met teaching 1st grade together - and we have been inseparable ever since, even though we now teach a state apart. Sad face! I'm so glad you get to teach with yours! It was such great medicine to have her next door!! <3 #westillneedtomeet #wecouldbebesties <3

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

    1. Aww! I love that! I don't directly teach with my friend anymore! Same building, but she is downstairs in FIFTH grade and I'm upstairs in first! We were separated at different buildings last year and that was hard enough, so I couldn't imagine being separated by state! Eeek! #weWILLmeet #futurebestiesinthemaking

  2. funnnn pirate day stuff!! I like the eye patch idea!! I love your fun wild friday nights.

    1. Thanks, Amna! You're so good to me! I hope your year is going well!


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