Teaching Main Character! And A Freebie!

 I love teaching main character! Anyone else?

Raise your hand if you love Pete the Cat! 

{Me! Me! My hand is raised!}

Seriously, I don't know a normal person who does not enjoy a little Pete the Cat from time to time. Or all the time.

Anyway, I introduced main character, character traits, and supporting characters this week. 

My favorite part was that we read TWO Pete the Cat books. 

The first one we read was Pete The Cat Plays Ball. 


We then created this anchor chart:

The next day, we discussed Pete's character traits again and why we like Pete. Thankfully, I didn't have any students who don't like Pete. I think my heart would've broken just a small little bit! Then, we created our craft!

Aren't these the cutest things ever? They did a great job!
 Here are some little close-ups of my example for the kids:

To snag this craftivity, click the picture below!

Besides Pete the cat, here are some other activities we worked on for character:

We sorted character traits into the appropriate column on an anchor chart:

We also used these character cards to discuss the inside and outside traits of each one. My students really enjoyed this activity and especially liked the character, Ninja Nina!

We filled out little anchor charts about each one too!

 Here is what we have planned next week:

There are passages, graphic organizers, and this fun little craftivity:

This is all part of my brand new character unit! You can click on the picture below to check it out!


If you don't want to read Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, there's also a generic mouse template available!

Here's a little close-up of my Lilly I drew. I mean, is there a future clip artist coming your way? Haha, no there's not. I'm just kidding :)

You can pick up a little freebie by clicking the pictures below!



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  1. LOVE your drawing of Lilly!! She's a cutie! Also geeing out over this adorable character trait packet cover. Does that make me lame? Don't answer that.

    Miss you friend!
    First Time Firstie


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