Fall Favorites Blog Hop

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be apart of this Fall Favorites Blog Hop!

Oh, how I love fall! Let me count the ways! 

Today, I'm going to share with you a cute little fall display for your hallway! Or in your classroom. Obviously it's up to you. I'm not going to visit your classroom and demand it be in your hallway or anything. 

Introducing... Be-Leaf Us! You Must Read These Books!

Here's a cute fall-themed "book report" type thing. Students pick a book and write why you must read the book! I had my firsties do these with my in their small groups. I knew if I let them do it on their own, I would've been reading a lot of "becuz its fune" (because it's funny for you non-primary peeps). And, I was right (happens all the time... No, really not!). When I asked a child why they like the book though, I did have some friends say, "Because it's funny." Then, I heard myself say this, "I know Pirates Love Underpants is funny, but whyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!" And then my whole group laughed because the teacher said underpants. Hehe :)

So, here it is, people. Originally I wanted to print these on fall-y colors like yellow, orange, etc. but then I grabbed green. I don't know why, but I wasn't about to redo them. So, here it is. Green leaves in the fall.

Pick up the little freebie in my store to make your own tree! Be-Leaf me, it's a fun time.


While you are there, make sure to check out my other fall-themed and Halloween-themed activities! I have them on sale for you today through Monday! You can grab them for 20% off!




And this freebie!


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Laugh Eat Learn 
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Five For Friday! It's my DAY OFF!

Well, what a week it was this week.

I'm excited to link up with DoodleBugs Teaching for Five For Friday! It's been a little while!

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 We had conferences this week. Here's me preparing...

 Does anyone else just lay everything out on the dirty floor after school to get everything ready? Dirty doesn't scare me. Germs don't scare me. I work with 6 year olds. It's going to be germy and dirty. No shame.

Conferences were a little different this year than they normally are. We used to have conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. The kids would get out of school at 1:20 and conferences would begin at 1:45. We would go until about 4:30 on Wednesdays and 7ish on Thursdays. We still had school on the following Friday, but we would get out at 12:20. Fridays were rough and no learning was really accomplished on those days to be honest with you.

This time, conferences were on Tuesday and Thursday. The kids got out of school at normal time (3:20). Conferences started at 4:00, some teachers had conferences before then. We went on both nights until 7ish. Some went later, some were finished earlier. I finished at 7 both nights, which was difficult Tuesday since the ROYALS WERE PLAYING IN THE WORLD SERIES. What? Yes! Anyway, we have today off this year! It's pretty wonderful.

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Did I mention that our conferences were student led? It was our first time doing student led conferences and honestly, I could not be more proud of my firsties. I will blog more about it this week over at The Primary Pack (on Tuesday)! But, here's a little sneak peek of some things we used.

I sent these questions attached to our newsletter the Friday before:

And, the kids filled out this reflection about themselves to share with their Leadership Notebooks:

This little one said she "rocks at being on pink." Hehe. So cute. She does, by the way. In case you were wondering...

You'll be able to read my whole post about Student Led Conferences at The Primary Pack on Tuesday. I will also be uploading a whole pack that will lead you through the process! I'm very excited about it! It helped me so much! Seriously, student led conferences ROCK.

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And did I mention the ROYALS are in the World Series? Seriously, I can't get over it.

I'm sure I've completely driven my Instagram followers crazy with the numerous Royals pictures I post. But... You guys, they haven't been in the postseason, let alone THE WORLD SERIES, in 29 years. So, we are excited here in Kansas City!

You might've even spotted my best friend, her hubby, and their adorable baby Kauffman on Fox Sports. This picture truly makes my heart so happy!

View image on Twitter

They were also in a Sports Illustrated article. So weird. But, so awesome!

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 My kids learned about being Super Leaders this week! First, we discussed the 7 habits (we are a Leader In Me school). Then, we created an anchor chart with what Super Leaders do and what they "eh not so much do" (that's how we worded it when talking about it... Eh... Not so much...). Then, they wrote about what habit they are a super leader at!

 It made for a pretty great hall display! Look at all these Super Leaders!

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So, I had bus room a couple times this week. My teammates and I switch off. During bus room, I always try to get extra things done. This week, I was cutting out lamination... My students are extremely helpful. Seriously, they want to help me all the time. This is definitely not a problem. I enjoy them helping me. So, it was no surprise that my kids wanted to help me cut. And... I let them! I know people probably wouldn't normally do that, but they did a great job :)

They are cutting out activities from my Halloween Centers.

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Sunday Savings With Math Journals!

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday to you!

I am linking up with Nicole at All Things Apple In 2nd for her Sunday Savings Circular! This fun little sale is for today only! I literally just uploaded my November Math Journal (like ten minutes ago), so therefore I thought it would be fitting to have my sale center around my monthly math journals!

I began creating my monthly math journals because my kids needed a math journal, but I didn't feel that interactive was the way to go for us. I'm sure one day, I will go in that direction, but honestly... Our math time is too short and at least for now... I am not going into the interactive craze. That doesn't mean I don't think it's great, but I know what my class needed. Also, they were created because I'm a sucker for holidays, themes, and organization. I know what my kids need monthly. And I've learned from some awesome feedback I've received from some awesome teachers that use these journals that their kids need these too! Win win!

Here's the deal! When you buy the September Math Journal and the October Math Journal, you can get the brand new November one for free! Just email me after your purchase at missingtoothgrins@gmail.com and tell me your TPT username! Then, I will email you the November journal :) Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

Click on the pictures below to take you to them in my store!




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Kindness Week 2014

This week was a super sweet week at our school.

It was Kindness Week! Rather than having Anti-Bullying Week, we had a positive twist on it and it was so much more fun that way. Each day, there was something special about that day that my school put on.

Monday: Being Kind Is Cool (Wear sunglasses)
Tuesday: Kindness Notes (Students from our Student Lighthouse Team came around to each class to talk about kindness and also gave out kindness notepads with our school name and mascot). The notes will be hung up in the hallway on a giant heart.
Wednesday: I'm so nice, I even dress nice (Students weear fancy clothes). By far, my fave. I had girls in Christmas dresses and little flower girl princess dresses and boys in vests and ties. Totally adorable.
Thursday: Facepaint- Student Lighthouse Team came around to each class to paint (with a sponge) a star on each child's cheek. It was to remind them to be kind, even when they don't exactly feel like being kind.
Friday: Rainbow Day- each grade level is assigned a color and together we synergized to make a large schoolwide rainbow.

Here's some other activities that we've done in my classroom to go along with the kindness theme...

After reading this quote on a friend's instagram, I knew it was perfect timing and I had to use in my classroom that day. So, excuse the really quick handwriting for the quote, but I had to make it super fast that morning before the kids came in. We sat down together on the carpet and had a whole conversation about what this quote meant. Then, we discussed ways to be kind and charted them. Each student that had an idea got to sign their name next to their idea.

 Note my favorite... "Give confetti." Too precious to not include.

We also tried to do a random act of kindness each day. Basically, we made cards for someone every day with sweet little notes inside. One day, we made cards for our kindergarten teachers. When they were finished, we walked together as a class down the hallway to each kindergarten room so that the kids could deliver them personally. I also took pictures of them with their kindergarten teacher.

They also made cards for their reading buddies (our fifth grade friends... They even got a sucker!), family, best friends, etc. 

We also made a kindness chain for the week. Each time someone witnessed someone in our class being kind, he/she wrote it down on a link. Here's our chain so far...

The kids are hoping we make it long enough that it will go clear across our room eventually. :)

We also used the We Are Kind Kids pack from A Year Of Many Firsts. They totally loved "applying" to be part of the Kind Kids Club. Of course, they all were accepted!

I know that the pack is more of a winter theme, but the kids didn't mind at all. It's getting chillier here in Missouri and so therefore, they didn't think anything of it! We had to bust our coats out a little this week too :)

To end this post, here's a snapshot of our school-wide rainbow! What a way to synergize!

Remember, kindness matters. :)

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Leader Of The Week!

After posting this picture below on my blog and on Instagram a long long time ago, I've had quite a few people ask me about my Leader Of The Week. So, I decided to finally blog about it!

For the banner, I typed out the letters with the KG font, A Little Swag. I cut each letter out and then glued them onto bulletin board paper. Then, laminated, cut, and hot-glued it to the front of this little tiny blue table. Voila! This desk sits right in the front of the room, by my guided reading table (which I also use as my "desk") and by the projector elmo thingy. So, the Leader Of The Week is literally by me all the time. I really like it because I've gotten to know each student (that has been L.O.T.W.) really well and I enjoy talking to him/her. The students really like it too. It's a pretty big deal in Room 1.

Here's a view of my room so you can see what the Leader of the Week table sits by. As you can see, it is literally at the front of the room. 

The Leader Of The Week is announced on Friday. When I announce the Leader Of The Week for the following week, I also give the One Smart Cookie pack. You can find that in my store by clicking the picture below.


If you look closely at the cover page of my One Smart Cookie pack, you can see my example of my own One Smart Cookie I filled out! The page above as well as a picture page is posted on our classroom door for all our friends to see as they walk by in the hall. I also write their name on the Cookie of the Week jar (it's laminated and I can write with dry erase marker so it easily wipes off).

On Monday, the student comes in to a special certificate. Click the picture below to grab the certificate for free!


I usually leave the certificate with a piece of candy like a sucker or something. After all, I have a sweet shoppe theme! So, that means I have to leave candy right? Actually, it would probably be cuter if I left a cookie since the Leader Of The Week is technically the One Smart Cookie as well, but hey whatever.

Anyway, the student shares his/her One Smart Cookie info with the class. Here are all the bonuses that the Leader Of The Week gets to enjoy for the week:

Border courtesy of Creative Clips. Fonts courtesy of Hello Fonts and KG Fonts.

You can click that picture above to grab a free copy as well.

I haven't mentioned how I pick my L.O.T.W. I teach in a Leader In Me school and so I choose someone based on their leadership skills and how they are following the seven habits. I won't have a student be L.O.T.W. again until all students have been though. I'm thinking after each student has been the L.O.T.W. that I will have the students vote by writing a name on a piece of paper (granted, they won't be able to spell that name since they're in first grade).

Anyway, Leader Of The Week is a pretty big deal in our room. The kids really enjoy it. I hope this post helped you if you are thinking about implementing it as well!

For more classroom management tips and tricks, follow my classroom management pinterest board!

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