Using WUNDERLIST To Organize Your Life

Hi everyone!

I'm excited to talk to you about an app my fiancé found a few months ago. It has seriously been a game changer for both of us. So, get ready to get your iPhone or iPad or whatever-you-have out and get to downloading!

This app is called Wunderlist.

My favorite thing about this app is that you can share your to-do lists with people that you need to collaborate that list with!

Originally, we downloaded the app to help us create grocery lists. Mr. MissingToothGrins and I both have the app. We share a list among our iPhones called Grocery (we are so very original, I know). Whenever one of us realizes we will need something at our weekly grocery shopping trip, we add it to the list. If Mr. MissingToothGrins doesn't tell me he added CREAMER to the list, that's okay because I'll see it when I pull it up on my own list. 

I love it. 

So, just like any good ol' teacher would do, I added a gazillion other lists to my Wunderlist as well. My lists are full of school to dos, home to-dos, and anything else that tickles my fancy. No more post-its laying all around (although I do still have one to-do post-it on my desk from time to time).

I love how I can organize my lists by topic. This way, I can separate my school to-dos from my home to-dos from my blog to-dos.

As you can see from this picture, I also organized Christmas lists this way. Notice the lists with people by them, those are collaborative lists. Those are lists that I share with someone. Whoever you share it with has to have the app too. The bulleted lists are my own lists that I do not share with anyone. 

It's easy. You just type in what you need and voila! It's there. If you click that SHOW COMPLETED TO-DOS button, it'll show everything you've completed. And when you check off that you've completed something, it makes a fun little ding sound! I'm easy to please, but I love that little ding of accomplishment.

And, as you see here... Here's a few things that I need to get done for school for when we get back to school. 

You can also get reminded of your to-dos. You can set an alarm on it and it will remind you of when to do it. I know after a long day at school, I forget to look at my to-do list and often forget lots of things. You can print your lists too, which might be helpful if it ends up being a very long list. You can also have conversations with the people you collaborate with. 

I hope you find this app helpful! I love being able to have an app that organizes my home life, school life, and business life all in one place, but categorically! 
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All I Want For Black Friday {Year 2}!

Hello, hello! Happy holidays to you! 

I'm so excited to link up with my Primary Pack friends once again for our annual Black Friday linky and giveaway. 

Black Friday Primary Pack Style starts a little earlier. We are feelin' the holiday spirit, people! I'm going to share with you what is on my personal wishlist and classroom wishlist, as well as what I recommend to put on your own wishlist! At the end, you'll learn how to enter our giveaway for some fabulous prizes that could be all yours! Talk about a Merry Christmas, amiright?!

First up, my personal wishlist... The mister and I are getting married in March. Needless to say, all our money has been going towards the wedding and honeymoon and so therefore, I haven't bought anything for myself (woe is me #firstworldproblems). I really could use some new clothes, especially work pants and sweaters for this frigid weather (#ihatewinter). So, I would really just love to find some deals at Maurices, my favorite place to shop! I just found some little coupons from the mail so I can do a little shopping. I also would like to find a deal on a new coat. Particularly a big, puffy one that covers my butt. Does anyone else's butt get cold during recess?! Or is that just me?! 

My classroom wishlist! Oh boy, where do I start? My classroom wishlist is always a thousand times longer than my personal one (is that a good or bad thing? Or a sad thing?!), but I really limited myself here. 

After that Royals WIN (Yes, I'm still feeling that World Series high #dontjudgeme), I need The Night The World Turned Royal Blue. I know it was really written based on the World Series the previous year, but I still feel like my kids would absolutely love it either way. I also love every gingerbread book ever made and we don't have Gingerbread Man Loose At Christmas in our classroom library yet, so it's pretty high on my list. 

One last thing I've been drooling over is those wonderful Comprehension Minis from Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten. I love how they're a great level to challenge my first graders and have different comprehension components. 

And, here's what I recommend from my own store... My two favorite things from my whole store!

I just uploaded this bundle a couple weeks ago and I'm so excited about it! Spring and summer editions are in the works and will be uploaded soonish. Writing is my absolute favorite thing to teach and so therefore, these packs are my favorite to make. They really help strengthen writing skills!

My other favorite is this little holiday project! My kids absolutely loved it for retelling and they loved looking at our fun little reindeers every day!

You can win my most wish-listed item below! Check it out :)

Drumroll please.... Check out this HUGE giveaway package you can win by entering below! There is a resource from almost everyone in The Primary Pack, perfect for all primary grades!! Good luck, friends and happy shopping!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now It's Your Turn To Join The Fun! 

Just a few rules to follow and you're on your way:

  1. Download the images above!
  2. Add your personal holiday wishlist to the image titled "My Personal Black Friday Wishlist"
  3. Add your favorite sellers products from your TPT wishlist to the "My Classroom Black Friday Wishlist"
  4. Add your own products to the "For Your Black Friday Wishlist"
  5. Link up below to share your Black Friday Wishlists!
  6. Don't forget to enter our fabulous giveaway above AND visit others linked up below!

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WANTED: Turkey Gobbler For Gobbling Up All The Punctuation!

Happy {soon to be} Thanksgiving, everyone!

I wanted to share a quick post of one of my favorite Thanksgiving activities. It's called TURKEY GOBBLER! 

First, I hang up these turkey cards all around the room first thing in the morning. I love the build up of excitement throughout the day until it's time to find out what on earth Miss Sanders has up her sleeve with these turkey guys. Literally, my kids asked me that, "Miss Sanders, what's up your sleeve with these turkey guys?" And I just kept saying, "You'll have to wait until writing!" which is at the end of the day for them... Made them a little antsy. 

So, when writing came, I sat them all on our carpet and went over punctuation with them. This was a review since we have been talking about this all school year. We reviewed with this anchor chart:

Don't mind my terrible stop sign. I may or may not have forgotten how many sides an octagon has. 

Then, I get to be super dramatic, which is my favorite part of the whole activity. I told them that something crazy happened! It went like this:

"So, here's the deal... Turkeys get really, really hungry. So hungry that they'll probably eat anything! How do you think they get so big for Thanksgiving?! Well, guess what... We have this WANTED poster for TURKEY GOBBLER! (then I read the WANTED poster)"

You can see the WANTED poster at the bottom of this picture under the anchor chart:

All the kids gasped at this crazy news. One said, "Why would a turkey eat punctuation? I don't want to eat a turkey that has eaten punctuation because then I'll be eating punctuation." Clever little firstie.

Then, I explained the activity and let them pick their own partners to scoot around the room with because I'm that nice after all. I took a few pictures of them scooting around the room, but oh boy... They aren't Pinterest-worthy pictures, let me tell you. They were moving so fast because you know... There's six school days left until Thanksgiving break and oh boy do we need to move. But, here they are! Punctuation success, I tell you.

If you're interested in this fun little activity, click the picture below:

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KC Royals {FREEBIE}!

Happy Royals Day, everyone!

If you've been following my blog for a while, then you know I'm a huge Kansas City Royals fan. I was born and raised in Kansas City (well, a suburb of, but same difference). I don't watch any sports, but Royals baseball. 

I'll never forget my first Royals game. It was actually in high school and I remember I had no idea what was happening. I didn't understand sports. I still don't, except baseball of course.

Wonderfully enough, my fiance and I had our first date at a Royals game nearly four years ago. 

I have all these really wonderful memories with Paul and our friends at Royals games. Isn't that what baseball is all about? And, let's be honest... The Royals weren't always so hot. They haven't won the World Series since 1985... I wasn't even born then.

But, something totally magical happened. Paul and I were fortunate enough to head to the Wild Card game last year. Which led them to the World Series! What the what?

Then of course, we headed down again this year and believe it or not, they're in the World Series again! Just typing it brings me goosebumps and tears to my eyes. The Royals make me emotional. I can't help it.

Anyway, I know that Royals baseball has brought me a ton of wonderful memories. And, more than anything... I want my first graders to have those wonderful memories too. And so therefore, we have to celebrate the amazingness of the Royals and the World Series!

I feel like this team just has so much to teach our kids. They never give up. They are confident, positive, and work together and support one another. They are the true definition of team.

So, I created this small little 120 mystery chart and I want to share it with all of you! You can click the picture below to download!

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Rhyming Center: Our Favorite Center!

Ahh, rhyming. I love rhyming. 

School is cool.
Don't be a fool; go to school.
Go to school! It's the rule!

Okay, I hope I can make up better rhymes than that. But hey, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

Anyway, I really do love rhyming. And, kids really really love rhyming. Any time they hear a rhyme, they yell out, politely raise their hand and say, "Hey, that rhymed!" 

So, we have a rhyming center now. And not to toot my own horn or anything, but I've been told that it's the best center. That's right. It beat out the listening center and the computer center, but probably only just for like one kid... But hey that's okay, because one kid thinks it's the best center and that's 
A-OKAY in my book. Because I can't create computers. 

Here's some photos of my kids playing their favorite center ever:

As you can see, it was a little messy for my taste. Cards everywhere. So, insert our rhyming mats! Plus, having the rhyming mats really has helped my kids see what makes the rhyme. 

After they rhyme their words, they do their favorite part. They get to pick two rhyming words to make a silly sentence. 

There are a few other activities as well. Right now, I have my center organized with the Must Do and Might Do. They must do the silly sentence with two rhyming words, but they might do the ABC sheet when they are finished. 

You can pick up our rhyming center here:

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Apple Day!

Yesterday was a crazy, busy day at school! In my new district, they let you out three hours early for Homecoming festivities. I've never been apart of a town that took so much pride that they let you out early for the parade and the game and other festivities happening around town. 

I love it.

I mean seriously, how neat is that? It's like Friday Night Lights or something.

Anyway, our school made a youtube video, so in between all the takes, my first grade team and I decided to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day. We only were in our rooms for about 45 minutes to an hour total of the whole day, I think... So, it was a lot to cram in! 

Anyway, I made the applesauce overnight. I didn't take a picture because let's face it, homemade applesauce looks disgusting. 

We watched a Johnny Appleseed video you can find here. They really liked it. It had a lot of really good information too. Plus, it was the perfect video to have going while I was prepping the apples. 

We taste tested yellow, green, and red apples. Red was the class favorite, but not my much! We created this graph to show our comparison:

We ate the applesauce. I didn't get this far in the apple day process, but thankfully my teammate did so I took a picture of his graph instead:

I had these books lined up. Did I read any? You betcha. Every single one. No, I didn't. Big fat teacher fail on my part. That's just real life. I didn't have time for everything! We will read them next week instead.

Here's some of my favorite Apple Day Read Alouds:

For some of our fun apple activities, you can download this {freebie} in my store!

If you are looking for more fun apple day activities, click the pictures below!

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Transition Series: 5 Tips For Lining Up For The Hallway

Welcome back to my transition blog series!

In case you missed last Monday's, you can click the link below to take you there!

September 14- Lining Up For The Hallway
September 21- Going To Your Seat & Changing Subjects
September 28- Cleaning Up

Today's is all about lining up for the hallway

I find this to be one of my most challenging times in my classroom. Of course, my students are so excited to be going somewhere besides the classroom since they spend so much time in our room. Plus, when they leave, it's either for recess, lunch, specials, or a bathroom break. All things that are needed and wanted throughout our day. So, of course they're excited to be leaving! Here are some things that I've found helpful in my room. 

1. Saying Step By Step

I have a little countdown that we do. I put my hand up and when I say 1, then one finger goes up. On 2, two fingers go up, and so on. Here is verbatim what I say at each number:

1: Stand up.
2. Push your chair in.
3. Face the door. 
4. Walk in line
5. Smile

This has worked for me really well because the class has to be completely silent when I say these things. I don't speak loudly for a reason- I shouldn't have to!

2. Sing a song!

There are lots of songs that I'm sure you can find on the good old Internet or on Pinterest, but here's the one we sing before we go in the hall. I literally made this up on the spot one day because I couldn't think of any songs I know. It's short, simple, and to the point.

While singing, it is the students' job to prepare for the hallway. They are to get their hands to their side, turn their voices off (once the song is over), and show that they're ready for the hall.

I always like to challenge my students and tell them I'll believe it when I see it. We are in Missouri, so I always go, "I'm from the Show Me State; you gotta show me!" They get a kick out of it and half of them say it to me by now, but it's true. I have to see that they can to believe that they can!

3. "Assign" a Secret Leader

I put quotations around assign because if it's a secret, then obviously the kids don't know they are assigned to this important role. Every morning, I'll pick a secret leader. The important thing is is that it's a secret! If my secret leader is following directions in line, I make sure to point that out and say something like, "Ooh, I love how my secret leader is standing." and a lot of times the rest of the class will catch on. However, on the flip side, if the entire class is having a hard time staying quiet in line, I might say something like, "Ooh, I hope that my secret leader is on his/her best behavior right now." Those are just little reminders that I'm watching and they need to remember how they need to walk in the hallway.

4. Be A Hallway Ninja

I used this little trick a couple years ago when I had a class that loved ninjas. It's nothing fancy, but they liked pretending they were sneaky ninjas in the hallway. They always felt like they were on a top secret mission!

5. Quiet Leader

This is when we are on a bathroom break. Obviously, there's just one of me and 20 kids (yes, just 20 this year! Perfect number!). So, I assign a quiet leader to watch the line. His/her job is to walk up and down the line to find the quietest person. He/she picks the quietest person and then that person gets to be the quiet leader. The old quiet leader takes the new quiet leader's spot in line. Then, the process starts over. 

Click the picture below or any pictures above to download the posters!

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