Teacher Appreciation Giveaway: iTeach First!

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday to you!

My friends and I at iTeach First are hosting a giveaway for fabulous teachers like you! Read on to find out more :)

Have you been feeling appreciated lately? I surely hope so because I personally think teachers are just the most fantastic people on the planet and you all know my opinion is extremely important. 


Anyway, I got to thinking the other day... What would I do if I had giftcards to Target, Starbucks, Amazon, or TPT? Easy. Spend them. But, how?? 

Target, Starbucks, TPT... Easy. But let's talk about what I would be pondering on Amazon.

 Well, I have had my eye on these...

I attempted to make my own magnetic base ten blocks this school year. I put the sticky magnets on the back of the blocks I had. Well... Dang magnets kept falling off or weren't strong enough to hold them on my chalkboard! Lame! So, ever since I saw these... I've been drooling over them. They will definitely be mine before next school year!

 Dice! I want all the dice!

To enter in the fun giveaway, click the picture below!


What would you buy with a giftcard to one of these fab places? Comment below! I want to know!

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