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It's JUNE! Whoa. Where has 2015 gone? It is seriously flying by! I want summer to hold on as long as possible and I'm worried it's just going to fly by before my eyes. Does anyone else get worried about that? Seems silly, I know.

I am linking up with Farley today to share my Currently for June with you all. 

Listening: Ever since getting engaged back in January, I seriously am obsessed with SYTTD. I just can't get enough. I was pretty much wedding dress illiterate before and now, let's face it I basically still am. I like to think I've moved my way to basic knowledge now though from below basic before. I am pretty confident in saying I will never be marked advanced in the wedding dress area. 

Loving: School was out May 14th. Summer school started on the 19th. Tomorrow is the last day for the week. Next week is the very last week. I can't wait.

Thinking: Many things! But mostly, it's been wedding plans. We aren't getting married until March, but with school and such, I hadn't had that much time to think about it lately. And now that the actual school year is over, I have the time to think about it all. Plus, I want to get a big chunk of it all planned and finished during the summer so I can stress less during the school year. 

Wanting: It's rained basically every day for the past month. 

Needing: The end of the year is a crazy time. You all know that. So, what do I do with all my stuff? Throw it all in my closet. This drives me crazy because I like to be clean and organized, but I feel like I just can't keep up lately.

Summer!!!! I just can't wait!

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  1. Planning a wedding is very exciting! I lovvee the show Say Yes To The Dress! It's crazy to watch the Atlanta one and see people from where I'm from on there.

    Enjoy your summer!!! :)

    Halfway There

  2. Congratulations on your further wedding! I was married in September, I know how crazy school and wedding planning can be!

    Fabulous Fun in Grade 1


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