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It's been a minute 10 years since I've done a Five For Friday post and I miss them! So, here I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching. Click the picture to take you to the link party!

School started yesterday! Annnnnnnd it was amazing! I love my new school and the people I work with and let me tell you, my class is amazingly awesome. I didn't take pictures of anything we did today except the kids' first day pictures so I have nothing to share, but here's a little sneak peek of our classroom. A classroom reveal will be coming soonish! Like this weekend :)

Here's my room from the night before the first day... Check out those hipster animal coloring sheets my teammate had. I couldn't resist the hipster fox! 

If you're in need of a cute, fun freebie for your kids for the first day of school, look no further. Cute bookmarks that look great on bright colored cardstock! They've available in grades k-6. Would you believe that I forgot to give my firsties these on the first day?

Click the picture to grab this freebie!

Going back to school means leaving my babies at home. I know a lot of you mommies are probably having the blues about leaving your babies at home. I totally get the doggy blues about leaving my babes at home. Here's a picture of Sadie "hiding" under a blanket before I left for work this week. 

I've worked really hard on organizing my classroom library this summer. I finally feel like my labels are perfect and I even have sticker labels to match. I showed some of my girls in my class when they wanted to look at books how neat it was because they could put their books back like big first graders and they looked at me with big eyes and went, "Oooooh." Precious and so far it works!

Find these labels by clicking the picture below:

This happened today. This is my cute little blouse I wore today. I bought it on Wednesday and was super excited to wear it because I'm obsessed with it. I looked down around 2:00 today and noticed this massively large  big hole in the side. Tears forever, I thought that I ripped it, but my wonderful teammate noticed that it wasn't even sewn there. Back to the store I go tomorrow to hopefully get a new one! Le sigh!
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  1. Your library is beautiful! I love your labels! :) Hope you had a good first week and you and your dog are both adjusting back into the schedule. :)

  2. I get the doggy blues, too! They act so pitiful when I leave in the morning.

  3. I just pinned those adorable bookmarks to my Back to School board on Pinterest. Your class library and labels are so cute. I think that is my big project for next year. Putting them on my wish list... Bummer about the new blouse. Hope you can get a new one with no problems.
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