Apple Day!

Yesterday was a crazy, busy day at school! In my new district, they let you out three hours early for Homecoming festivities. I've never been apart of a town that took so much pride that they let you out early for the parade and the game and other festivities happening around town. 

I love it.

I mean seriously, how neat is that? It's like Friday Night Lights or something.

Anyway, our school made a youtube video, so in between all the takes, my first grade team and I decided to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day. We only were in our rooms for about 45 minutes to an hour total of the whole day, I think... So, it was a lot to cram in! 

Anyway, I made the applesauce overnight. I didn't take a picture because let's face it, homemade applesauce looks disgusting. 

We watched a Johnny Appleseed video you can find here. They really liked it. It had a lot of really good information too. Plus, it was the perfect video to have going while I was prepping the apples. 

We taste tested yellow, green, and red apples. Red was the class favorite, but not my much! We created this graph to show our comparison:

We ate the applesauce. I didn't get this far in the apple day process, but thankfully my teammate did so I took a picture of his graph instead:

I had these books lined up. Did I read any? You betcha. Every single one. No, I didn't. Big fat teacher fail on my part. That's just real life. I didn't have time for everything! We will read them next week instead.

Here's some of my favorite Apple Day Read Alouds:

For some of our fun apple activities, you can download this {freebie} in my store!

If you are looking for more fun apple day activities, click the pictures below!

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