All I Want For Black Friday {Year 2}!

Hello, hello! Happy holidays to you! 

I'm so excited to link up with my Primary Pack friends once again for our annual Black Friday linky and giveaway. 

Black Friday Primary Pack Style starts a little earlier. We are feelin' the holiday spirit, people! I'm going to share with you what is on my personal wishlist and classroom wishlist, as well as what I recommend to put on your own wishlist! At the end, you'll learn how to enter our giveaway for some fabulous prizes that could be all yours! Talk about a Merry Christmas, amiright?!

First up, my personal wishlist... The mister and I are getting married in March. Needless to say, all our money has been going towards the wedding and honeymoon and so therefore, I haven't bought anything for myself (woe is me #firstworldproblems). I really could use some new clothes, especially work pants and sweaters for this frigid weather (#ihatewinter). So, I would really just love to find some deals at Maurices, my favorite place to shop! I just found some little coupons from the mail so I can do a little shopping. I also would like to find a deal on a new coat. Particularly a big, puffy one that covers my butt. Does anyone else's butt get cold during recess?! Or is that just me?! 

My classroom wishlist! Oh boy, where do I start? My classroom wishlist is always a thousand times longer than my personal one (is that a good or bad thing? Or a sad thing?!), but I really limited myself here. 

After that Royals WIN (Yes, I'm still feeling that World Series high #dontjudgeme), I need The Night The World Turned Royal Blue. I know it was really written based on the World Series the previous year, but I still feel like my kids would absolutely love it either way. I also love every gingerbread book ever made and we don't have Gingerbread Man Loose At Christmas in our classroom library yet, so it's pretty high on my list. 

One last thing I've been drooling over is those wonderful Comprehension Minis from Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten. I love how they're a great level to challenge my first graders and have different comprehension components. 

And, here's what I recommend from my own store... My two favorite things from my whole store!

I just uploaded this bundle a couple weeks ago and I'm so excited about it! Spring and summer editions are in the works and will be uploaded soonish. Writing is my absolute favorite thing to teach and so therefore, these packs are my favorite to make. They really help strengthen writing skills!

My other favorite is this little holiday project! My kids absolutely loved it for retelling and they loved looking at our fun little reindeers every day!

You can win my most wish-listed item below! Check it out :)

Drumroll please.... Check out this HUGE giveaway package you can win by entering below! There is a resource from almost everyone in The Primary Pack, perfect for all primary grades!! Good luck, friends and happy shopping!

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Now It's Your Turn To Join The Fun! 

Just a few rules to follow and you're on your way:

  1. Download the images above!
  2. Add your personal holiday wishlist to the image titled "My Personal Black Friday Wishlist"
  3. Add your favorite sellers products from your TPT wishlist to the "My Classroom Black Friday Wishlist"
  4. Add your own products to the "For Your Black Friday Wishlist"
  5. Link up below to share your Black Friday Wishlists!
  6. Don't forget to enter our fabulous giveaway above AND visit others linked up below!

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  1. I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving Alisha!

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! That's so exciting! Your Tacking Topic Sentences looks great! My kids always struggled with that. Have a happy Thanksgiving! :)


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