WANTED: Turkey Gobbler For Gobbling Up All The Punctuation!

Happy {soon to be} Thanksgiving, everyone!

I wanted to share a quick post of one of my favorite Thanksgiving activities. It's called TURKEY GOBBLER! 

First, I hang up these turkey cards all around the room first thing in the morning. I love the build up of excitement throughout the day until it's time to find out what on earth Miss Sanders has up her sleeve with these turkey guys. Literally, my kids asked me that, "Miss Sanders, what's up your sleeve with these turkey guys?" And I just kept saying, "You'll have to wait until writing!" which is at the end of the day for them... Made them a little antsy. 

So, when writing came, I sat them all on our carpet and went over punctuation with them. This was a review since we have been talking about this all school year. We reviewed with this anchor chart:

Don't mind my terrible stop sign. I may or may not have forgotten how many sides an octagon has. 

Then, I get to be super dramatic, which is my favorite part of the whole activity. I told them that something crazy happened! It went like this:

"So, here's the deal... Turkeys get really, really hungry. So hungry that they'll probably eat anything! How do you think they get so big for Thanksgiving?! Well, guess what... We have this WANTED poster for TURKEY GOBBLER! (then I read the WANTED poster)"

You can see the WANTED poster at the bottom of this picture under the anchor chart:

All the kids gasped at this crazy news. One said, "Why would a turkey eat punctuation? I don't want to eat a turkey that has eaten punctuation because then I'll be eating punctuation." Clever little firstie.

Then, I explained the activity and let them pick their own partners to scoot around the room with because I'm that nice after all. I took a few pictures of them scooting around the room, but oh boy... They aren't Pinterest-worthy pictures, let me tell you. They were moving so fast because you know... There's six school days left until Thanksgiving break and oh boy do we need to move. But, here they are! Punctuation success, I tell you.

If you're interested in this fun little activity, click the picture below:

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