Using WUNDERLIST To Organize Your Life

Hi everyone!

I'm excited to talk to you about an app my fiancé found a few months ago. It has seriously been a game changer for both of us. So, get ready to get your iPhone or iPad or whatever-you-have out and get to downloading!

This app is called Wunderlist.

My favorite thing about this app is that you can share your to-do lists with people that you need to collaborate that list with!

Originally, we downloaded the app to help us create grocery lists. Mr. MissingToothGrins and I both have the app. We share a list among our iPhones called Grocery (we are so very original, I know). Whenever one of us realizes we will need something at our weekly grocery shopping trip, we add it to the list. If Mr. MissingToothGrins doesn't tell me he added CREAMER to the list, that's okay because I'll see it when I pull it up on my own list. 

I love it. 

So, just like any good ol' teacher would do, I added a gazillion other lists to my Wunderlist as well. My lists are full of school to dos, home to-dos, and anything else that tickles my fancy. No more post-its laying all around (although I do still have one to-do post-it on my desk from time to time).

I love how I can organize my lists by topic. This way, I can separate my school to-dos from my home to-dos from my blog to-dos.

As you can see from this picture, I also organized Christmas lists this way. Notice the lists with people by them, those are collaborative lists. Those are lists that I share with someone. Whoever you share it with has to have the app too. The bulleted lists are my own lists that I do not share with anyone. 

It's easy. You just type in what you need and voila! It's there. If you click that SHOW COMPLETED TO-DOS button, it'll show everything you've completed. And when you check off that you've completed something, it makes a fun little ding sound! I'm easy to please, but I love that little ding of accomplishment.

And, as you see here... Here's a few things that I need to get done for school for when we get back to school. 

You can also get reminded of your to-dos. You can set an alarm on it and it will remind you of when to do it. I know after a long day at school, I forget to look at my to-do list and often forget lots of things. You can print your lists too, which might be helpful if it ends up being a very long list. You can also have conversations with the people you collaborate with. 

I hope you find this app helpful! I love being able to have an app that organizes my home life, school life, and business life all in one place, but categorically! 
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