Valentine's Day Directed Drawing

Hi everyone!

I'm sharing a fun directed drawing activity with you today that I did with my first graders today. It was super fun and super easy and they loved it!

The steps are listed for you below. Make sure to model each step for them too or else you might have stingers on heads or something crazy like that :)

1. Draw a circle a little bit above the middle of the page. The page should be placed vertically.

2. Draw a long, vertical circle connecting to the head for the body.

3. Draw two curved lines at the bottom for the stinger.

4. Draw a heart on each side for the wings.

5. Draw two curved lines that look similar to candy canes for antennas on top of the head. Add hearts to the end.

 6. Add stripes to the body.

7. Add hearts for eyes and a curved line for the mouth!


Seriously, how cute did they turn out?

Enjoy! Happy Valentine's Day!

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Free Valentine's Day Cards

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine's Day to you {soon}! Our Valentine's Day parties are this Thursday because of an inservice on Friday and so therefore, I was busy hustlin' and bustlin' to get some sweet little Valentines done for my sweet little kids. I don't go out too big for Valentine's Day with my kids normally, but I like to get them a sweet little treat to show them I love and care about them!

I just taped a Blow Pop on the back of them and TADA!

Click the picture below to grab them up for free!
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Teaching Informative Writing With Arctic Animals

Hi everyone! I'm teaming up with some friends to bring you some winter teaching tips! 

With my old school's scope and sequence, we always used to teach informative writing during the winter months. My past classes have always love learning about animals, and so naturally I always chose to use a certain arctic animal to teach informative writing.

We always learn about one animal together. One year, we learned about polar bears. I read various books about polar bears, both fiction and non-fiction, because I feel that while we are doing informative writing, it's still fun to read the fiction stories that include polar bears. I just stress to my students to not include the fictional stuff in their writing.

When we did an informative writing piece on polar bears, we read many different non-fiction books about polar bears. I also read some fiction books about polar bears throughout the day.

While reading, we took notes on an anchor chart using the Four Square model. We decided on four topics we thought were important to write about for polar bears. We color-coded the notes to show where we found the different information, just in case we needed to reference back to it.  The purple writing was from one text we read and the black writing was from a different text we read.

To add to our notes and to learn more about polar bears and informative texts, we use this resource too. It helps my students learn about writing a topic sentence and how important identifying the topic of a text is.

You can find this resource here.

Another example, but with penguins, here.

From there, we began the rough draft.

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear how you teach writing informative texts as well!

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