Valentine's Day Directed Drawing

Hi everyone!

I'm sharing a fun directed drawing activity with you today that I did with my first graders today. It was super fun and super easy and they loved it!

The steps are listed for you below. Make sure to model each step for them too or else you might have stingers on heads or something crazy like that :)

1. Draw a circle a little bit above the middle of the page. The page should be placed vertically.

2. Draw a long, vertical circle connecting to the head for the body.

3. Draw two curved lines at the bottom for the stinger.

4. Draw a heart on each side for the wings.

5. Draw two curved lines that look similar to candy canes for antennas on top of the head. Add hearts to the end.

 6. Add stripes to the body.

7. Add hearts for eyes and a curved line for the mouth!


Seriously, how cute did they turn out?

Enjoy! Happy Valentine's Day!

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