My Favorite IG Snapshots {March}

Hi everyone!

Believe it or not, I'm here! March was crazy busy! Paul & I got married, honeymooned in Punta Cana, AND closed on our house (and moved on the 2nd of April). It's been Crazy Town here the past month, but I have never been happier in this mass chaos. It's been nothing but smiles and cheers over this way.

Because I love Instagram so much, I've decided to start blogging about my favorite IG posts from each month. I like to think I would normally post this at the end of the actual month, but as you can see... It's been a tad of Crazy Town here :)

Here's my top 10 of March:

10. Spring finally made it's way to us! Hurrah! Here's a picture of my resource,Tacking Topic Sentences: Spring Edition, in action. I love everything spring!

9. Here's the story behind this picture: I told my class when they hit pink or above on our clip chart ten times, they would get in the Clip Chart Hall of Fame and get a GLITTER CLIP. At the time (in January, when we started up the clip chart), I wasn't thinking of when a student would actually do this... I was just thinking I needed a motivator beyond getting on pink... So, did I have a clip chart hall of fame made?! No of course not. So, when it happened... Did I have glitter clips made?! No, of course not. So, this is what it looks like when you let your student made his own glitter clip.......... #teacherfail

8.We started learning about main idea in March. My kids went CRAZY for my friend Katie's (Simply Creative TeachingMain Idea Mysteries. Here they are digging through their main idea envelopes to discover the main idea. 

7. Our main idea unit happened to fall over St. Patrick's Day. Therefore, we practiced discovering the main idea with these free St. Patrick's Day Main Idea Passages.

6. I absolutely adore this picture that one of my firsties made to display at our wedding. I had all my kids made pictures for the wedding so that they could be apart of our special day as well. 

5. I discovered some Easter eggs in my tub full of spring stuff. I used washi tape and created some compound words for my first graders to put together with the eggs. I loved using washi tape because I can just peel it off without ruining the egg!
 4. Of course, I have to share some wedding photos! Our coordinator snapped this photo as we were walking back down the aisle. I love Paul's #lowfive here. The photo is a little blurry because I saved it from my phone. (Courtesy of Jillian at Berg Event Space)

 3. Sorry, but here's another one (#sorrynotsorry). Our photographer snapped this one. Can you believe it was 40 degrees outside? Or maybe lower?! I honestly can't remember because I was having so much fun or maybe because my brain had frostbite. Either way, look how happy we are! (Photo courtesy of our AMAZING photographer Erica from Turner Creative)

2. When I returned from our honeymoon, spring break was officially over (womp womp womp). That meant it was time for our leadership role applications! Woohoo!! You can find this free template here.

1. Here's my last IG post of March. My kids absolutely adored this center with the Easter eggs. I grabbed this free template from my sweet friend Kelly at Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten. You can grab this template here.

That's it! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed all my fun pictures as much as I did :) Stop back by at the end of April to see my faves from April!!

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