Fun End Of The School Year Activities

Hi everyone! Two days ago was my last day of school! I can't believe that I just finished up my 7th year teaching. It's crazy how it flies by so quickly. 

I had my baby, William, at the beginning of March. I decided to take off ten weeks to be with him, which meant that I only came back of the last 8 1/2 days of school. Today, I want to share some of the activities that we did. I don't have pictures for many of the activities unfortunately because #mommybrain failed me. 

1. First Grade Is Sweet! Craft: 

We made this adorable, sweet craft! Each ice cream scoop has a different prompt to write about first grade. They loved it. Next year, I want to bring in ice cream on the day we do this craft. I love how unique and different they can look, just by the order they put the ice cream scoops in. I told my kids they had to pick at least 3 scoops, but they could pick more if they wanted to. Some kids wanted to choose all of them of course! These pictures are really from my teammate's room and his students' ice cream cones because I forgot to take pictures of my own class (insert eye roll emoji here). 

2. Reader's Theater:

I bought readers theater plays from A Teeny Tiny Teacher that you can find here and here. My kids made settings (just with blank anchor chart paper) and props out of construction paper. I loved seeing how excited they were about these plays! I think I will definitely have to invest in more for the school year! They practiced every day and then performed for the class. Adorable!

3. Candy Awards:

I do candy awards every year, but I decided to switch it up this school year and purchased these from The Creative Classroom. I usually have to visit 3 or 4 different stores to find all the candy, but this year I was able to knock it all out at 2 so I call that a success! Candy Awards are definitely one of my favorite things about the end of the year. I love to roll out the red carpet (red butcher paper) and have kids walk up and down to get their candy and "show off" to all their friends. They love it too!

4. End Of Year Interviews: I didn't get a picture of these this year, which makes me so sad. We interviewed one of the second grade classes to tell us all about what to expect in second grade. You can read more about my end of year interviews here

5.  Compliment Cards:

I dropped the ball on yearbook signing this year. So, one night this week I quickly typed up each kids name on a piece of paper with a cute little border. Then, the next day I had them decorate their names. We all sat in a big circle in our room with these on a clipboard. Then, we passed them around for each student to write a compliment (and I did too of course!). My two favorites on mine are "You have long hair" and "I will not forgive you" (which according to this student was supposed to be "I will not forget you" {hahahaha}). My class really enjoyed this activity. I really enjoyed it because 1. it made me feel better about forgetting yearbook autographs and 2. We did this the morning of field day when they were crazy very excited and this was very calming. 

I also passed out these cutie patootie end of year gifts. I snagged these bubble necklaces at the Target Dollar Spot literally the hour they put them out! If you did too, you can grab the tags for free here

And, just like that... it's a wrap!

Find more activities for the end of the year on my pinterest board!


End Of School Year Student Tags

Did you happen to grab up the cute pizza and donut bubbles in the Target Dollar Spot this year?! I gave them out as student gifts on the last day of school! You can grab the free tags to go with them here! Or click on the picture above! Enjoy!!

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